New EV lease to replace 330e

We live in San Diego and we currently have a 36/15k lease for $358 a month (incl taxes, $0 DAS) that expires end of December.

The 330e was great since it was a commuter for my wife who was commuting 15mi each way and could charge at work, but she got a new job and can no longer charge at work, so has been driving on gas home. Offers from Carvana and others on the car were a couple thousand less than the buyout, so not looking like we’ll have any equity, and buying the car after lease doesn’t look enticing due to the high residual even though my wife really likes the car.

We want to go with something all electric for our next car or at least a PHEV with higher range (40-50+). I realize it’s also a super bad time to be looking at hacking leases or purchases, but we were hoping to keep our budget roughly the same (highest around $350-400 a month, preferably less if feasible). We were thinking of doing another lease since it seems like the technology is changing quick with these EVs.

A couple we were looking at were:
Bolt EUV
Hyundai Kona Electric Limited
Kia Niro EV EX

Need space for one, and possibly 2, car seats in the back, but otherwise it would mostly be a commuter car.

There look to be some more compelling options coming out like the Nissan Ariya, Kia EV6 and Hyundai Ioniq 5, but I’m not sure any of them will be available by the time our lease is up end of this year.

I think I’m leaning towards the Bolt EUV or the Kia Niro EV, but also wondering if it would make sense to try and borrow a car from family for a few months to try and wait for something like the Kia EV6 or Nissan Ariya, though I’m not sure what kind of deals will be able to be had on those as new and more exciting models.

Was wondering if those more familiar with all the EV incentives and current leasing environment might be able to offer some advice. Thanks!

Well hate to be the bearer of bad news, but a deal like that right now is not going to be easy…

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Other option would be purchasing a PHEV that holds value well like the RAV4 prime and take the federal tax credit


Bolts are currently on stop sale.

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Thanks for confirming that. I wasn’t sure if that option was totally off the table since I went on vacation for a couple weeks while that all was going down. Didn’t know if it was just Bolts or Bolts / Bolt EUVs.

That’s an interesting idea and something i hadn’t even considered. That looks like it fits our range needs and I like the idea of having AWD, since my company car (chevy equinox) is only FWD, for trips to Mammoth with snow.

Thanks, I’ll take a look at the RAV4 prime.

If you’re willing to live with less range, you might want to consider the 2022 Hyundai Tucson PHEV with 33 mi range. With $36k sticker for SEL trim (before incentives and state and federal rebates), it undercuts the RAV4 by several thou.

We reserved ours 3 month earlier and just picked up ours at the dealership last week. There are currently very few if any at dealerships, but if you find one be prepared to pay for markups, accessories or both. Best bet would be to put down the deposit on the Hyundai USA website and wait.

I was able to get a 330e for $1600 drive off and 404 pretax in NorCal but it was back in late August.

The Niro EX EV is probably the most comfortable of the list. But it’s more like $400

Just went through the 2021 330e lease rodeo. Those numbers unfortunately aren’t happening anymore :cry:

I noticed my theory is that in August there were still hope or fear of alleviated supply of 2022s. Now obviously it’s not happening and there is no need to discount for old model year like normal times.

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You may want to look at a Honda Clarity PHEV with 45-55 mile range per charge that I love driving her alone on the freeways with the HOV exemption sticker.
Love her so much that end of lease in a month and I am buying her out since currently the value is $5K over buyout/RV.

This is the final year the Clarity PHEV is being sold (2021).