(New England) Toyota Highlander XLE AWD MSRP $42K- $425/month (6.25% tax included) with First Due - 36m/12K

2018 Toyota Highlander XLE AWD
MSRP $42xxx
Monthly Payment Including MA Tax-$425
Only First Payment Due at Signing

$299 Broker Fee

Sample vehicle getting delivered today at this deal:

And out of respect to the dealers and brokers on this site, especially at year end, please do not waste their time trying to get these cars for $100-$200/month :slight_smile: (the origin of the below conversation was a $425/month highlander for reference)

Looking for buyers…not kite flyers

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Is there another one at same price? NJ registration required.

I hate to tell you that Ma dealers have trouble registering in NJ

Takes like 2 weeks