(New England Only) 2019 Acura RDX Base AWD-36M/10K-$410/month + Tax w $18xx DAS

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Brand New RDXs w AWD! Base Model
MSRP $40,xxx
Base Payment $410 + Tax
Loyalty/Conquest Included (add $28 without)
$500 College Grad available
$18xx DAS

$299 Broker Fee

We all know by now that the MDX is a far better deal at this time but for those in New England wanting an RDX, this is currently the best I can do.

For NY area please reach out to @aronchi or @nyclife

they just released March support - showing 2375 incentives in the southeast.
Base MF is high though @ .0019

Most say this car is hot etc…I am not in total agreement. Been monitoring inventory here for a few month and they are not flying off the shelves. I see a whole lotta MDX on the road but very few RDX’s
My 2 cents.
Same goes for the Volvo XC60 - tons of 2019 inventory.

RDXs aren’t great this month.

Base MDX is 420 plus tax if you have conquest w upfronts due (< $2000)

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I am assuming asking for 10% discount prior to incentives on an RDX is still not realistic at this point? thoughts?

Personal thoughts are it won’t work. But I’m not the one writing the lease so I have to respect the effort!

I am going to try for the fun of it here so I can update the folks on the forum and test out the waters at the beginning of the month:)
Did you have a good last day of Feb? you had a few cars offered…

Thank you Amatot im interested to see how much they will budge

Did this include mar lease cash?

I did thank you for asking! Very kind of you.

Best of luck!

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