(New England) 2018 Toyota Rav 4 XLE AWD-MSRP 30,948-36m/15K- $285/month including MA Tax w First DAS!

MSRP $30,948
Sale Price after discounts and rebates: $25,048
Residual: 16,631
MF: .00001
Monthly Base: 268.53
With MA Tax of 6.25%: $285.31
DAS: First Payment Only

Happy to try and replicate for a $299 Broker Fee!


This is a great deal.

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Thank you sir!

If I can ask, what are the incentives in play on the deal?

Ask away, sir. No college grad or any rebates that require qualification.

Is that what you were asking?

Yep thanks. I saw something like $1,250 advertised as the incentive on Toyota’s site so I was curious if the extra money was something else like loyalty or grad as you mentioned. I guess the incentives are higher in NE?

I think @Jrouleau426 noted that New England has great Rav 4 incentives, much better than Philly right now!

Correct I’m about 40/mo higher

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Yes it has always been this way. boston Rav4 incentives are always higher.

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And just for my learning, are incentives with Toyota based on the dealer location or where you register the car?

@Bostoncarconcierge hello - do you think you could get any similar deal on a hybrid?

Hi There!

I can get you an XLE Hybrid for $50 more ($335 total). 36 months/15K miles. I think we’re down to Silver only on the Hybrid.

All taxes and fees rolled in (assuming MA Tax).

$299 broker fee

Give me a call or text at 3393640356 if I can help!

From my understanding (I asked this exact question about a month ago), incentives are based on dealer location (and of course taxes and DMV etc are based on buyer location).

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Depends on the brand. I believe for Toyota, it’s based on customer’s location, not dealer.

Maybe @Cody_Carter can confirm for TFS?

Well that just makes it al more confusing…

Based on Dealer location for Toyota


Sold to LH member!
Have one more if someone would like before year end

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Is it still there? Please PM color combo info

.hoping u still have it…I am in NY…

Ends tonight. Can check new incentives tomorrow.

Would require pickup in MA.

Great Deal Mike assisted me right down to the signing made it super easy and delivered everything as promised. Will be driving this home Monday. Thanks

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