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What’s hot or interesting?

I thought this was

Eh i saw it but i feel like its an optima with a body kit on it. Did they decide on pricing? I am looking at 3 row jeep but i feel its more like just a durango with jeep badging.

IMO among the recent ‘4 door coupe’ trend it looks better than a Panamera. If the badges were reversed, I don’t think there’s any question which one people would desire more.

…and that KIA grill removed…

I agree its all about the name i guess and sometimes premium for a luxury car might not be worth it. However, i used to have a benz truck and when compare it to the jeep there is still a difference in terms of how it drove.

Yeah, Stinger GT was definitely a pleasant surprise at Detroit. Like a lot of Kia/Hyundai cars, it seems to tick all the right boxes on paper. Hope the driving experience and attention to detail are compelling in person. And too bad there’s no manual.

Also, wonder if anyone will buy it. Mainstream non-luxury performance cars don’t have much commercial success: Chevrolet SS, Scion FR-S/Toyota 86, Genesis Coupe, etc.

And finally, I love that non-metallic, light gray color (last pic)!

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@michael agree about the grey, I love Audi’s Nano grey, test-drive an S3 with that colour and it made me nearly buy it.

I’m pretty excited for the Stinger GT. I’ve been a 3 series driver for years, but I’m starting to get a little tired of them. If another manufacturer can make something with the right driving dynamics and power, and I don’t care if it has the BMW badge on it. That will just save me a few thousand dollars.

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IMO they’ve done a better job making a grille with some brand identity, whilst not going completely over the deep end (Lexus comes to mind).

Meanwhile, Toyota, Honda (and Acura), Nissan etc can’t seem to make up their mind and keep changing theirs every few years…

Agree… [20 chars]

Infiniti QX50 nice refresh along with new Nissan Altima and Toyota Camry lol

I am loving the Stinger. I cannot afford an A7 and this kinda reminds me of that. I will be following their pricing very closely.

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Alfa Romeo Stelvio

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That was at the LA auto show and is truly lovely in the flesh.

Didn’t know if Alfa was in Detroit, so just googled :slight_smile:

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Oh I’m sure they were. Anyway this thread is about all future cars so it is all good. Was just saying where I saw it.

“This technology took them more than two decades to perfect, and the result is a high performance engine offering that claims to offer vastly increased fuel efficiency as well.”

Shall we place bets of how long before the first recall!?!?!?!

Perhaps not long, but glad someone is pushing the envelope. Think about how laggy and unreliable the first FI engines were. Tech improves over time & usage.

For sure, and at least it is not an Alfa Romeo or Fiat that it is premiering in.

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