New BMW 428I Coupe Lease advice


I am looking at leasing a new BMW 428i. I would like to put as little down as possible (obviously), keep my payment under $400 /mo and get at least 12K miles /yr for 36 months. Is it possible? And what MSRP and rebates would I need to make it happen? I should qualify for the lowest (Tier 1 ) money factor. Also, I am OR so no tax.

Just found out I can get a Corporate fleet discount of $1500 and Lease rate reduction of .00020
There is also another $1000 loyal customer incentive available.

There is a special Lease offer from BMW for a 428I MSRP of 43,000 for 36 mo. and 10K miles for $369/mo and approx. $4k due at signing.

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428 leases are not that attractive. Do you even qualify for loyalty rebate? Also the corp fleet discount is not valid on loaner cars because the milage restriction so that’s out of the question. You can put MSDs down to lower your payment but i’m not sure how far that will go, prob around $50/mo. You can look on popular lease transfer websites to see if there’s one around your price range you could assume.