New Audi RS5 Sportback Lease Quote


Hackrs, check out this quote I received from a local Audi dealership on a 2019 Audi RS5 Sportback. Its a beautiful car but these lease numbers seem absurd to me.

Sanity check, please.

This just in from dealership a few minutes ago:

The money factors is .00350
Acquisition fee $895
Residual Value 57%
Tax Shows $4,878 as a total amount but it’s actually already included in the monthly payment. $135.51 times the 36 months equals the full amount $4,878.
Using MSD for a reduction in the money factor does not make financial sense. The MSD program is a 0.00005 reduction in MF (or 0.00050 MF total reduction) with $19,700 in additional monies down (refundable at the end of the lease). Maximum MSD’s allowed is 10 with Audi Financial. This give you a reduction in payment of about $100 or $3,600 savings over the course of the lease.

Should I post these numbers in RV/MF, too?

You should post this in Worst Leases Ever.

You can literally finance the $87k for ~$1,600

Why would you pay effective $1,750ish to rent it?

I’ve never seen a money factor that high.


I don’t think this car is gonna lease well in general. Despite that quoted MF being ridiculous in general, its still ~0.00271 from edmunds. The $0 discount and no incentives, certainly isn’t helping either.

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Agreed. Interest rate is sub-prime on this lease… 8+% is bad

Find out official MF buy rate and RV. If you credit is non issue, I would push for buy rate.

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Thanks for all of the input. Is the MF/RV negotiable or is the dealership stuck with those numbers from Audi?

MF looks marked up to the moon, RV isn’t negotiable. one of the worst lease offers i’ve ever seen

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It’s a nice car, but not 1700 a month nice.

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definitely. @Jeff_Garcia, I would strongly suggest looking at a M3 instead, if you’re planning on leasing. If buying, I think the C63 is your best bet. Every review I’ve seen of the RS5 says its very stylish and refined, but it lacks the driving dynamics of the competitors.

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Awesome advice @jananth1! I’ve actually been looking very closely at the M3. Was thinking of test driving one soon. I test drove the RS5 and it was simply incredible and the notes were inspiring. But, yes, I need to try out the M3 and even the C63.

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RS5 and its direct competitor are absolute fun to drive.

I had A5 and friend at S5 (not same animal as RS5), both in black few years and couple of kids ago. Driver gets showered with complement …

@IvanAudi is hosting AMA for last few months. I would connect with him to see what’s possible number wise. I think he mentioned that RS tier leases very poorly.


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RS leases are a non starter, you will get hosed. Finance it or as others have said, look at BMW or Merc.


Good advice. Unfort I’m in AZ and it appears that he does in state deals only

No point in contacting Ivan on this, there’s nothing he can do. The car leases horribly.

It’s really a car you finance, if it’s the one you cannot live without having. Pretty straightforward. When renting costs more than buying, you buy, no?

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Sportbacks are HOT right now so don’t expect any help there and this is a RS model as well. Since the dealer hasn’t marked up the MSRP I would say this would be great to purchase (looks like the MF is marked up)

Have you test driven a Giulia Quadrifoglio? They have a similar MSRP and performance but can be gotten for around $1k p/m with zero down. Heck for that amount you might still be able to get an Aston Martin, albeit with lower mileage allowance.

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You can buy (not lease but buy to keep) a Tesla Model 3 Performance for the total of your lease payments and if it is performance you are after it will smoke this RS5, just saying…

im sorry but the luxurious interior and sporty looks far outweigh any tech benefits of a model 3

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finance it, unless you can stomach that 1700 a month LEASE. sportback is gonna have a good resale but why would you want to get rid of a RS5 :slight_smile:

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