New 2021 BMW 330i 18% off MSRP $427 per month?

Thoughts on this deal? Pic of number breakdown below. Monthly still feels high considering heavy discount and 7500 miles annual.

MF is .00102

Did you confirm MF and RV via Edmunds?

What is the selling price before the incentives?

Your actual discount is nowhere near 18%

Deduct the dealer fees
Deduct OEM incentives
Deduct any MF markup.


What are your thoughts on the deal?

Still waiting to hear back

Impossible to evaluate until you tell us the selling price before incentives and what the dealer fees are

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What incentives do you qualify for?

Not sure. It’s a friend who is offering me this. So I have to tread lightly with questioning the integrity of the deal.

If you trust your friend, then why ask for the opinion of internet strangers? Without all the info being requested, we can’t help evaluate your deal properly.

For starters, do you have BMW Loyalty or Conquest? Did Edmunds confirm what the lease cash is on the car?

EDIT: Base MF should be 0.00082. Edmunds shows about $1500 in lease cash.

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Why do you have to tread carefully? You should determine what the incentives are long before ever talking to a dealer. They don’t need to be involved in the conversation, you just need to do your homework ahead of time.


I’m surprised to see you can do 7,500 miles per month on a 3 series. My assumption was that it’s reserved for the 7+ series

You cant do 7500. That is correct.

You can do 7500 on 7s,8s,Ms.

The lease offer here certainly seems to contradict that. I wonder if there’s an exception/change in policy or if the OP would get the ol’ bait and switch when going to sign.

I wouldn’t be surprised to see them fall back on that first asterisk in the offer as justification for a bait and switch.

Yes a friend, but it’s still a business and I still want to do homework on my end.

Or it says 7500 and its the same RV and price as 10K?

Also totally possible and definitely the best potential outcome

7500/yr is available for all models in some regions. Available in CA too. +1% RV compared to 10k/yr

Isn’t that a bad outcome?

Well if he’s getting more miles than he thinks he is