New 2020 BMW M340i getting price hike of 5k above 2018 340i


Safe to say goodbye to sub $400 340s for a while.


Comparing the M340i with similar options to my 2018 340i the price hike will only be $3000. Not too bad with the better engine and suspension vs the F30.


Around $83 more a month on a 36 month lease, pushes that into 500+ lease territories based on recent 340 deals I saw here. But like you said, you get a lot of improvements so probably worth it.


It’s tricky pricing wise because would buyers rather a 3 series sedan (sales of which are at half the level they were, even in 2016) or for a similar price:
- X3 M40i, base price $54,650
- X2 M35i, base price $46,450
Time will tell….


Look at the bright side - higher MSRP means higher discount on sale price, right? Right? :sob:


Hahaha one can dream


Seems to follow the trend of further differentiating the six-cylinder versions as a performance vehicle, rather than just a more powerful version of the same car, and pricing it accordingly. This will compete head to head with Mercedes-AMG C43 and Audi S4.


Extra price means they can just offer more incentives later, built in lease cash!


X2 is not, IMO, at all worthy of being in same sentence as X3.

X2 is based on FWD mini. X3 has proper drivetrain layout, at least.


X2 M35i has X drive as standard?