New 2020 BMW 330i xDrive M sport deal check

MSRP: $53,155
Selling: $47,650
Rebate: $1,750 lease credit
36/12k miles
RV: 58% residual
MF: 0.00099
No down payment

Monthly pay: $576

Dealer fee looks low, is this Cali? You have base MF, that’s a good start, try and get that discount up. Verify incentives, MF, RV via the edmunds forum ( + make and model in google, search with 2020 bmw 3 series).

Thanks for you reply! No it’s IL, is dealer fee Documentation Fee? If so that’s $300, License and Title fees are $301, CVR/Filing Fee $25. I attached edited calculator link.

I tried to push to 13% but get a no :joy: maybe I should try 12% instead…

Yeah I post on edmunds forum, waiting for reply.