New 2019 mdx sh-awd

Monthly 328 pretax/ 365 with tax

2500 das, includes first month, fees, tabs etc.

Looks good to me, but I am a newbie

What do you all think.

I like how you just made up numbers to get the calculator to match.

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It was too hard as I didn’t had all the numbers to punch in. Is there anything wrong?

Deal looks good, but to fully evaluate, we need to know the real dealer discount before the dealer cash and if you are getting the base MF.

I have asked them multiple times. They say we have given you bulk (discount +incentives) and cannot break it down.

You go on Edmunds to find the numbers yourself and calculate.

I believe mfg to dealer cash on the MDX is something like $8,500 this month, so keep that in mind when trying to figure out if this is a good deal. Ask for the lease worksheet. If they aren’t hiding anything, it shouldn’t be an issue. Explain to them you want to make an informed decision.

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