New! 2018 BMW 320i xdrive, 42k msrp, 263 + tax, Including Loyalty, TDAS: 1st month, dmv, msds, documentation, bank [NJ/PA/CT/NY]



Year, Make, Model, and Trim: 2018 BMW 320i xdrive
MSRP: $ 42,390
Monthly Payment: $ 263
Drive-Off Amount: $ 1st month, dmv, msds, documentation, bank
Months: 24
Annual Mileage: 10,000
MF: .00182
Residual: 66%
Available Incentives: 4000 lease bonus, and 1000 loyalty both included. Grad/usaa not included but can be added in
Region: NJ/PA/CT/NY

Saved Numbers on Leasehackr Calculator:


I’m interested PM me


The other way might work better.


Can you work up a similar quote on a 3-series xDrive wagon with USAA and/or fleet if available? 24 or 36 mos. I configured one online, worked out to around $50k MSRP including Luxury, Convenience, Premium and a few other options (build code dsfjknzj).


New user, please pm and confirm addtl options and color choices. Have usaa and loyalty. Thx!


Please PM me the details, I am in Philly area


If doc fee and bank fee is the same for everyone. Why not add that into the payment? Seems more like a dealer ad, trying to make the payment look artificially low.

Sorry for my opinion, but since I get so many on my unobscured pricing, I thought I’d ask. Have a great day.


Can you PM me details, please.


As a broker, I can run a lease, not that you would know anything about that, and modify the numbers to a customers liking. So if you have specifics you’d like me to change to fit your scenario, I can do that. Of course, provided you are interested in the car. Thanks and have a great day!


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Ursus is going to come in here any moment now and throw all this in the landfill, but just to get my 2 cents - nyclife has a rock solid reputation for helping people on both coasts both brokering solid deals and for providing people with a lot of information to hack their own deals. Everyone knows that he’s a broker that takes a broker’s fee, and everyone knows that his numbers are correct and can be trusted.


Well said - and I can personally attest to it. Now, let’s get this thread back on track!


I am interested please PM me