(New) 2015 Kia Optima Hybrid EX Lease

Hi - could someone please help me know the MF and Residual for a (New) 2015 Optima Hybrid EX, 10 and 12K mileage options for a 24 month lease? I am in Zip 40202 in Kentucky. With the 9K incentives I read about in another thread, I think this could be an awesome sub $100/Mo lease if everything goes right. Thanks!

Alot of the dealer’s post the sale price after those incentives are factored in. Call around to make sure it’s before incentives pricing.

Thanks . My estimate to get under $100 is based on getting a sale price using is a combination of pricing from Turecar, Edmunds, and reading what people here have posted getting for the 2016 Hybrid EX. DO you jknow the information I’m asking about? 2015 EX Hybrid MF and residual?

Kia doesn’t do 10k on a 24 month lease. Go to forums.edmunds.com and check the Kia Optima section for a thread on 2015 leases.

Gotcha. I’ve been there, the last reply in that thread is to me! I’m pretty shocked at what the reported MF is for me VS St Louis, which is only 250 miles from here. I asked a question about incentives listed on Edmunds’ site and the fellow who responded did not know - would you happen to know if the 9,000 Lease cash and 3,000 cash to customer can be combined? Since one is dealer to customer I thought it could be, I plan on calling Kia Motors Financing in the morning to ask.

I don’t know what that 3k is from, but the payment calculator on Kia.com will tell you exactly how much they are offering in general lease incentives.

I haven’t been able to select at a 2015 Optima Hybrid EX on that calculator, only 2016 is selectable. So that’s why I am posting the question on Edmunds forum and here. Are you able to pull up a 2015 on their site?

Ah never mind I forgot about that.

Also make sure the dealer is able to lease the 2015. Alot if then are demos or ones that they sold to themselves

You’ve got that right… Most dealers have claimed that even with 50 miles or less, the vehicles can only be sold, no leases are offered.