Nervous first-time loaner lease question

Hi! First-time poster, lease newbie, please bear with me! Feel free to be harsh, haha. And yes, I read the “fart car” newbie post.

I found a '21 Volvo XC60 loaner through a broker - 3k miles, ~3 months in service, just over a 20% discount off MSRP. Carfax is clean.

We have a baby at home and are extremely cautious about COVID so not sure about going to the dealership to check out the car.

A few questions:

  1. Given the big discounts on new XC60s this month, is 20% a good discount for a loaner?

  2. What questions are okay to ask broker and/or dealer and should I expect an honest response? Like was it serviced/deep-cleaned since last time it was loaned out? Or about any damage to interior/exterior or tires? Or smell? I know it’s funny, but presumably they wouldn’t want to waste their time having a deal and the car unavailable, then the deal falls through? With a baby, I don’t want there to be a smoke smell from the interior or anything that makes it unsafe. And yes, I am a nervous and over-protective 1st-time dad.

  3. Outside of that - what happens if I go to the dealer to take delivery and I find an issue? I just say no thanks and that’s it?

Thank you in advance, and thanks for all the other great materials on the site!


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This discount includes Volvo incentives. Find out discount before any incentives.

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Is this pre-incentive, post- some incentives, or post- all incentives?

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Thanks both. This is post-all incentives (my price)


You can ask, something like “What is the dealerships policy/process for cleaning loaners before delivery?”

You don’t have to sign, but if you know you like the car, take the deal and give them a chance to prep it to your satisfaction. It will be detailed before you take delivery.

I had my Volvo serviced 3 months ago, and it was immaculate. I understand your concern, ask the questions, and it’s manageable.

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$3 can of Lysol will do the trick. No need to bother the dealer or broker…


There is $1,500 Volvo cash, so assuming $50k sticker it is 17% off before incentives - very good.


Thanks jeisensc and Ursus! Tuna, it’s been a while since you bought lysol, huh? :smiley:

Unless there are other incentives included in there as well

Yep, OP did not provide any info. Trim, MSRP, available rebates? But probably no loyalty, so no other incentives or a-plan on a loaner.

It’s a T5M, 47.5k MSRP. None of the customer incentives apply to me, unfortunately

Anyway thanks all for the lightning-quick and helpful responses to put me more at ease! I really appreciate it

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As far as COVID goes, unless you or someone you live with is personally vulnerable because of old age or preexisting conditions, I wouldn’t be nervous about visiting a dealership (or anywhere). If loaner cars were spreading covid like wildfire dealers wouldn’t offer them and car rental companies would be even closer to out of business than they already are.

That being said, feel free to ask questions but about cleaning. I’m sure they’ll have some kind of answer meant to make people feel better.

The deal itself seems pretty solid, enjoy the car.

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Can’t speak for Volvo, but when I took my car in for servicing they were spraying it down, even the rental cars that were being returned there. Plastic wrap on steering wheels and seats. Portable sprayer pictured below but they had even more powerful sprayers up ahead in the bays

Oh, and I’ve leased two loaners before… it’s fine. The other half is even more for it, especially if it saves thousands over the lease. Only time we’ve said no was when one loaner had dog hair all over the back carpet.