Negotiating tips and steps in dealing with a car dealership

hello, I’m looking to lease a new car but I’m not sure how to deal with car dealers. I’ve gone to car dealerships and they always ask if I am looking to buy or what payment I want. But I’ve read that you should not let them know you want to lease or to discuss monthly payments. So I am supposed to go in and tell them I am looking to buy? And tell them I want to only talk about price of the car? Then somewhere along the line say I want to lease instead? Do you guys go in with a truecar report/price to get the sticker price tag down?


Step 1: Research what other people are paying for the car with the options you want. Use truecar/edmunds as a very general guideline
Step 2: I contact all the dealerships in my area and ask for a price quote. Tell them you have already taken the car for a test drive and are contacting all dealers for their lowest price. Whoever has the lowest price, you’re going with them.
Step 3: Once they give you the lowest price, tell them you are considering a lease. Also tell them about any incentives/rebates you know about. Make sure you know the MF and residual as well as reasonable doc fees. These are all areas where they may/will try to make money on the deal. You can request MF and residual for a car here (they aren’t public but people here have sources)

Good luck

You need to have a general target for price; you most likely won’t get the best deal if you’re blinding negotiating.


thank you so much, this helps me get started