Negotiating Tactics

Most dealers don’t seem to want to negotiate a selling price on a lease. Do anyone you go straight to negotiating what’s due at signing and monthly payments since ultimately that’s what matters and if they increase the price or rate from one they would have to decrease another to reach the numbers you give them?

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Look in the wiki and here’s the most recent thread on tactics

No. They will just give you a high monthly and it will be hard to figure out why it is high. You can ultimately run a best case scenario in the calculator but dealers don’t respond well when you tell them you want X payment per month. They will think it isn’t realistic that is why you have to show them all the variables.

How many dealers have you communicated with?

If you simply email tell the dealer you want $320 a month on the Infiniti QX60 for example they will laugh even though it is doable. I email them the deal that I want with all the variables. Sometimes I don’t even include the monthly so not to scare them. When they plug all the variables into their system they will arrive at the monthly I want. At that point they can either do it or not.


I’ve emailed about 5 dealers… I’ve stated out everything else except the selling price which is basically how I ended up with my final monthly payments which I have in mind.

The selling price is the most important part, that is pretty much the only thing the dealer has control over (aside from marking up the mf and acq fee). They are only talking to you about the monthly payments but you didn’t focus the conversation on the selling price.

Do you guys email dealerships about a specific car, or just ask about the model you are looking for?

You need to be specific. Email the stock #.

Okay. I’ve always just gone into the dealership before I found this site (which is why I’ve never gotten a good deal I guess), but I’m having a hard time just getting a response back never mind actually negotiating over email.

Maybe area dependent but I have had no issues with negotiating over email. Some dealers don’t want to, just move on to the next.

I’m sort of limited, I’m in Las Vegas and there are only 1-2 dealers per brand max. The next closest would be California I assume but that’s ~250 miles away.

You need to decide if you want to make the trip or pay for the convenience of staying close to him. Your options include emailing dealers in LA and either picking it up or hoping your nearby dealer matches the price. You can also talk to a broker and see if they can get you a better deal.

Yeah, I just reached out to Ben (broker on this site) to see if he’ll be able to help me. I’ve got 2 leases up at the end of the month and it’s just been a really frustrating process so far. I finally got an email back from a ford dealership and the quote was worse than if I had just gone in. Feel like banging my head on my keyboard at this point Lol

I usually turn in my lease early(I always end up kicking myself for not picking 10k instead of 12k) so I have like 6 months to find a deal.

Sometimes you need to just call the dealership and ask for the internet sales dept or internet sales manager etc. Once you get a hold of them you can ask for a quote, get an actual email address(instead of one of those bogus generic request forms). I think the key dealing with sub par dealer websites is to contact them via their websites early, don’t wait until the last minute. I’ve always got a response, it’s just not quick. If that’s not the case go the call route that I described earlier.