Negotiating 3 cars

Good Morning Leasehackr community,

I am a long time viewer even when I am not shopping for a new car this is my favorite forum. So my best friend and I both are leasing 2016 Infinti Q50’s 3.0T Premiums. Mine 12k miles/year effective payment 375, him 15k miles effective payment 395. The leases are coming to an end in October but we are looking to lease something new anyway. Either roll the payments in, keep the cars or have the new dealership cover the remaining payments. He threw me a curve ball yesterday by informing me that his uncle’s BMW lease is up in August and he might want to hop on with us to make it a potential three car deal. I test drove and loved the Genesis G70 and new 3 series. Also, there’s also the option with getting another infiniti maybe a Red Sport or Q60’s. His uncle really wants another BMW which we are not opposed but we are going to try to get him to consider other choices. Anyone have experiment negotiation three cars at once or how would you go about this to get the best deal.

Thank you in advance and if it’s too early to discuss this please delete and I will post closer to August.

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If you are getting a true hackr deal then the dealer barely wants to do one deal so doing 3 deals isn’t exactly appealing. If you are doing an every day good deal then sure they can do 3 cars.
Remember everytime an amazing deal is posted here everyone wants the dealer to replicate but most times it is just a one time deal.


I dunno…

If it’s close to the end of the month and the stars align just right one might be able to get a triple hack going.

I was thinking the same I was hoping more on side of they need to hit a quota or they split there profit in three to push numbers/ gain 3 new service customers .

My experience has been that most dealers won’t hack multiple vehicles or “loser” deals at one time. People may think they’re getting a good deal on a car because they do a “group” buy, but those aren’t really good deals to begin with.

It’s hard to ask a dealer to go several thousands in the hole like that. You should still try though, it may happen.

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Yes, getting multiple cars as once doesn’t carry as much negotiating power as you would think, unless it’s for a significant number.

It’s possible at the end of the month or other major event like end of lease support. It’s still hard to make the stars align where they have the cars you want at a price they are willing to sell them at.

Regarding your current leases, you would be just rolling the payments into the new lease or keeping the cars, so doubt it would be beneficial or offset much of the discount you negotiate. Start looking in September and which likely removes his uncle from equation. Hook him up
with a local broker here like @nextlevelautobrokers as there are always decent BMW deals available, especially with loyalty.

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Once I was doing a 2 car deal on a Mercedes E coupe and GLC. They were giving great pricing on the E coupe but crappy pricing on the GLC. When I told them we will just take the E coupe they said no. Both or zero. So I didn’t get either car from them but instead got the cars separately from 2 different dealerships.
It gets tricky. Also good luck finding 3 cars with the appropriate options that each person likes at 1 dealership. The other point of hacking a deal is finding a car with only the options you want so your payment is as low as possible.


Maybe consider making a wager amongst the three:

Whoever gets the lowest payment versus MSRP has his first monthly covered by the other two?

Add a little motivation/competition to it. Establish some ground rules and use the fear of coming up with half of your buddy’s first month teach you how to grind. At the end compare notes, see where each player may have done well or left coins on the table.

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They don’t have a clue on how to shop for a deal. My buddy still thinks hes leasing the Q50 from the dealership. Damn this is going to be harder than I thought. I guess I have to find a model that not selling as good as they hoped.

Sounds like you can spend your first month payment on poker!:sunglasses: