Need to move 150 more Audi Vehicles in 15 Days

As you all know Audi will not let me advertise lease prices on LH. I have over 330 New Audis in stock and port . Most with no ADMs and some with discounts. if you are a SERIOUS buyer and ready to lease NOW hit me up or call me at 424-281-5606 to work an impossible lease .

We haven’t had 300 cars in stock since 2020!!

California Registration only !


My family and I got 3 e-trons from Sam over the last few months. Sam is straightforward and a pleasure to do business with. I highly recommend him! This by the way is unsolicited feedback.


If only he could do out of state registrations


I appreciate you !

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Hi Sam - Would you have a Q5e on the lot or a few coming soon? Thanks

100% sold out

Aren’t Audi MF’s like 10% right now?

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Yeap at buy rate


Audi Financial is doing the patriotic thing by fighting inflation head on.


What if … you don’t need to use Audi FS for leasing :wink:
Better hit Sam up …

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Can confirm, Sam hooks it up hard! Everyone at BH Audi was such a joy to work with.

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Hi Sam, any S5 coupe/sportback?

Yes . Absolutely

Got an e-tron from Sam last month. Pick up the phone and CALL him if you are interested. He’ll get it done and he’ll get it done fast.

Hey Sam I e-mailed you on Monday!

Sam helped me out as well. If he can’t do it, no one can!

out os state? and Q7 PP?

Sam how do I get a list of what you have in stock and the lease deals available?

Looking for either a 24month 15k miles per year or 36 month 15k miles per year lease.

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Call me on Monday . Don’t Text

Looking for a Q5 Sportsback. Any deals?