Need to decide on this BMW 328i Deal vs 320i

After negotiating I got this offer on a loaner with 5300 miles on it in CA:
2016 BMW 328i
MSRP 45400
Sale Price $35700
Monthly Payment $283 (tax included)
Drive off $3,800 (including $2400 Security Deposit, $599 Dealer Fee and $350 Title Fee)

In addition they are charging me $770 to ship it to my state. Should I pay Title fee if I am going to register the car in a different state? Any idea why they are charging me $2400 security deposit while 7 is the maximum authorized by BMW? Registration is not included. Is this a nice deal? Should I close it? I dot think they will go any lower.

My option B is a 2016 MBW 320i with 4300 miles.

MSRP: $37,375
Sales Price: $27,513
Monthly Payment $199 tax included
Drive Off $3800 (but only $1400 of Security Deposit vs $2400 of the 328 deal).

This is a basic car with no options, but the monthly fee is very cheap. Shipping is killing the deal at $1,150. What do you think guys? 328i deal which has premium package and cameras, the 320i basic model or should I focus on getting a brand new. Certainly I would prefer a 5 series, but cant go any higher on my payments, thats the reason I am attracted to deal B. Unfortunately I don’t qualify for any incentive (my first BMW so no loyalty, not college graduate nor military). I need to decide by tomorrow. Thanks for your input.

Are you putting money down on the 320i? If so, no.
Was looking at these cars myself but felt the 320i was way too bare, just the logo.
That 328i deal wouldn’t attract me either.
The dealer fee and extra deposit is fishy.

My bad, dealer is in Maryland, not in CA so dealer fee is similar to others in the area. The extra deposit is still a mystery, but based on my research it is a competitive deal on a 328i