Need thoughts on this lease deal for a VW Atlas V6 SE w tech & 4 motion


Ok guys I need help. Ive read the 101 tab and still dont get it. But hopefully with this info below you can let me know if its a good deal.

2019 VW Atlas V6 SE w tech & 4 motion. Mind you I will be getting black rims as well. Please let me know what you guys think.

MSRP / Selling Price: $43,059.00
**Monthly Payment: $419
**Cash Due at Signing: $2,000
They are also taking my trade in which is roughly worth $1,500 but are willing to give me $2,200 for it.

**Annual Mileage:12k miles a year

Leasehackr Score:

So you paid over MSRP for this?

Man you are getting ripped off. How is the selling price higher than the MSRP? Your effective monthly is $419 + 2000/36 = $474.56. You are well and I mean well over the 1% rule.

At least get 10-12% off MSRP and then factor in your trade of $1500, the only reason they’re giving you $2200 is because they’re ripping you off.

Sorry i just uploaded the sticker…msrp/sale price is the 43k figure

Still, you are not getting any discount. Also, for your trade in are they giving you a check or also applying the $2,200 to the lease deal. If so, it’s even worse. You are paying $4,200 in drive offs.

So 419 os too high? Should i be on the high 300s for this vehicle?

It’s not $419. It’s actually $535 a month because of the trade in and down payment. This is an awful deal, and you should probably get a broker if you can’t understand Leasing 101. Otherwise you’re just going to get ripped off (considering you think this is decent)

Is it me or can the velar or xc90 be had pretty close to this price while having much higher msrp? I feel like for a 43k atlas your payments should be $419 with only first payment at signing. $450/month and $450 down would the absolute max I pay for this . With a trade in of 2200 plus 2000 down this is objectively a very bad deal.

Come on guys, being crushed right now. Instead of the crucifying how about some help instead? What numbers should i be seeing on this model?

I briefly looked at an atlas last month (really liked the car, but the initial numbers I got were crazy high) and I just don’t think the atlas leases well.

There’s been a few threads here recently and you’re not going to hit 1%, at least not on a higher trim model.

Have you checked mf and rv with edmunds? Also, you can either ask edmunds or the dealer if you can use the cash down as a MSD rather than cap cost reduction.

If you want a “deal”, get a qx60.

I should add that the atlas is very well regarded and reviewed so if you over pay a little bit it’s not the end of the world.

Man i was really getting down on myself. Thanks really appreciate the feedback and the pointers!

+1. The moderator on Edmunds are amazing at having the latest numbers for MF and RV and for any lease incentives.

It’s impossible to say what numbers you “should” be seeing on any given model w/o these values b/c a lease is based on depreciation from MSRP and on the MF. So it is to your advantage to find the dealer who is willing to give you the lowest selling price since that reduces the amount of depreciation you’re paying for.

You also don’t want a higher MF (which is analogous to interest rate) than the lowest allowed by the manufacturer (dealers can mark up the MF as they wish). The lowest MF is what is referred to as the “buy rate” MF.

RV is set by the manufacturer and applies nationwide (and thus cannot be altered by the dealer).

Incentives can be regional.

Once you have these number, you can then calculate the estimate lease payment following these directions: (b/c sometimes dealers will add hidden costs, so you always want to calculate the monthly payment yourself to compare it to what the dealer quotes).

That gives you an estimate of what you should be seeing. That number may still be more than a similar priced car from another manufacturer (or even another model from the same manufacturer) b/c of the MF and RV work in a lease.

Well did you sign this already?

If not, just move on and don’t put any money down. It sounds like you’re trying to get rid of your trade, have you considered selling private party?

530 effective a month payment is not a deal, but seems in line with what other people are getting for the Atlas. There is absolutely no discount on this car.

Dealer may not play ball… but in deals like this try to shoot for 10 percent discount off MSRP and that should get you well down into the mid 400s without any money down. Haven’t seen too many dealers discounting these though. Are you married to the Atlas? It’s not that special of a crossover, its just a large, three row from VW. Does the job, doesn’t seem like it’s worth the premium.

I haven’t signed anything yet. We really enjoyed the vehicle space and the bells and whistles. The qx60 isnt as spacious as the atlas. What other options are close to it?

Are you open to considering other cars?

Yes i am looked at the chevy travers rs kinda liked that. But open to suggestions, not interested in toyotas, Hyundai, kias or mazdas.

I was in the market as well for a 2019 Atlas SEL. Tried dealing with 3 different dealers in NJ and would not remotely come down on their numbers. I looked at an SEL priced at 46K MSRP and the dealer looked at me like I had 5 heads when I offered 40K sale price. I actually just picked up a 2019 QX60 and could not be happier. I will post the deal details a little bit later but walked out with a 36m/12k lease for $387 a month on it. QX60 is fully loaded outside of the “Limited Package”. I am from NJ as well. Could not be happier with my purchase. Also, Infinity covered my last 3 lease payments on my Nissan since its all in the family lol.

Technically, the atlas competes against the traverse and Subaru ascent. They are all full size.

A qx60 is more of a midsize and competes against an mdx and Q7.

Biggest difference is the third row. Traverse and atlas third row are big enough for adults and are true 3 row vehicles. Also, with third row up, traverse and atlas still have plenty of room for cargo.

A qx60 and other mid size third rows should be considered for one off usage. Generally not big enough to be comfortable for full time usage for adults, and also really limits cargo space while in use.

If this doesn’t matter to you, look at a qx60. If important, you need to stick with a full size suv. Low trim traverse leases relatively well, but the higher trimmed models don’t.

Where did you get these segment definitions? The QX60 is physically larger than the Atlas…

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Try Subaru Ascent. May not be the greatest deal, but still possibly lower than Atlas.