Need some advice on my current lease Honda Accord EX-L

Previously leased a 3 series.

This month got into a 2018 Honda Accord EX-L for $330 a month and $0 down. 12k/36month.

The buy out at end of lease is $17.3k

Hasn’t even been a month yet and feel like I should have coughed up more to get back in a bmw. What are my options if there are any? Thanks for the help!

Why dont you like the accord?

You have no options. Unless you’re willing to eat a ton of negative equity


I like the accord I just don’t love it.

What is a ton?

Why don’t you find your current payoff from the bank and then find the best offer to sell your car (Honda dealer/carvana/vroom)?

I’d guess around $6000 which is $167 a month. You might be better off totalling it tbh

Cheaper to keep’er

Whatever the negative is, it’s that number plus interest plus taxes if you roll it in.