Need opinions on 2 lease deals

I’m looking at both of these cars- any input on the deals that can be improved or if they are good as is. I negotiated to these points on each car but numbers started running together so more eyes and certainly more expertise from you folks would be appreciated, thank you.
First: 2018 Subaru Crosstrek 2.0i premium:
MSRP 27868
Discount: 2356.00
Adj Price 25512.00
Accessories 1143.00
Total purchase 26655
Tax 76.65
Lic/ title fee 297.00
Doc fee 498.50
Net Price 27527.15
Bottom line = $326.00/ mo for 36 mo
Refundable deposit $500 for ordering from factory.
Drive off = 0 (I’m sure they will want 1st months payment at signing).
I was given mf=0.00095 and RV 62%.
This deal seemed good based on my calculation. What do you think?

Second Deal
Buick Encore Sport Touring FWD
Market Value selling Price= 28350.00
discount =1100.00
Rebate = 6750.00
Adj Price 20,500
Remaining lease pmts current car= 828.14
Total Purchase=21,328.14
Fees= 1721.50
Tax =403.83
Net Price = $23453.47
Zero down
24 mo/12k=323.00/mo
36mo/12k= 289.00/mo
Not sure about this deal, I offered 254/mo x 24 mo, manager came back with above numbers. Wanted me to go with 36mo term to lower payment closer to what I wanted. Using the calculator, I was coming up with $185 to $205 adjusting the mf.
I was given (on this forum) - rv=0.63 and mf .00131.
Any thoughts on these?

You’re not getting much of a discount on the Encore at all. Look at the recent threads to get a better idea of what a good discount is. Fees on the Encore also seem very high.

Use the Honcker app as your baseline, their specials on the Encore are pretty aggressive this month but can be beaten. Start there and ask them to beat what you can have delivered to your door with a couple of taps and no negotiations (provided they service your area).

The fees on the encore concerned me as well. I’ve read every post in the forum on the encore. The main difference is that this is more the middle range not the base model and has the safety options which adds to the price. Does fit the 1% rule if I understand it correctly. Thank you.

Hadn’t heard of that app thanks so much. Will give it a try. Thank you.

Any thoughts on the Subaru?

Someone else just recently used them and went forward with their advertised deal with no problems that they mentioned. If you want no hassle or haggle it’s a good choice, or if you are willing to beat some places up and travel a bit out of your general area, it at least gives you a ceiling for negotiation.

Well I checked and they didn’t have either car I’m looking at unfortunately. Lots of Kia’s though lol

Search Buick Encore. It’s certainly there. You’re just looking at their Deals of the Day page that it defaults to. Click on the search button

Well I believe I was using the search. I wonder if it’s location based.

Even if you go to the deals of the day you should be able to click on brands there. Regardless, Buick programs are national with a few variations in incentives, so they should be able to match it excluding taxes and fees and work from there. For example, the preferred is advertised at 154 a month at 24/15 with taxes and fees due at signing, about 1500 I believe. Pretty simple to figure out the rest based on your region even if it’s not advertised.

Just a quick follow up. When I asked the people at Honcker why I couldn’t see Buick or Subaru, this was their reply:

Subaru seems high I was just quoted on a forester that msrp is 29.200
with drive off’s totaling $1000 $279 a month including tax.

Deal posted on edmunds
MSRP $31781
purchase price: $28541

67% / .00140

tax rate is 8.25%. Does this sound correct?

Pretty close - I get $293/mo with those prices.

You need to pick a region that is served by Honcker. They might have a limit on how often you can change your location.