Need Minivan numbers for 2016 Town & Country Touring Package

Sorry I cant find the money factor or residuals on 2016 Town and Country Touring package any help would be greatly appreciated.

Also not sure if anyone knows but there is a uber program partner discount of 5000.00 would this be applied to the final offer? How would this work? I am trying to get the cheapest deal possible on a minivan since money is very tight.

looking for either 12k a year or 15k a year, 36 months or 39 which ever is cheaper or a better combo tax is for IL zip code 60076

There also looks like there is
Thank you in advance. Also I can’t create a account on edmunds keeps giving me a error page

It looks like you just need to log in to your Uber dashboard on the website, go to the vehicle marketplace, and get the discount code to give to the dealer. It would go on top of your lowest negotiated price, so don’t mention it until you have negotiated a good deal.

Also let us know if the dealer will even allow you to use it for a lease. Hyundai dealers gave conflicting answers and it took a lot of work for some people to be able to use their Uber discounts for Hyundai leases.

If it works, this could be huge news for everyone because there are some crazy vehicle discounts being offered to Uber Partners:

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Are there still 2016 T&C’s on the market? Doing a regional search (NY) I was unable to find any inventory - just referring me to the 2017 Pacifica.

There’s still a decent amount out there. Check

Thanks - I see a bunch on there, but then when I go to the dealers’ website, none are listed. I’ll make a few calls tomorrow and update.

Just to update - I called each of the dealers in a 50 mile radius of me and even though they had stock per, they were NOT in stock. No one apparently updates No luck for me, but good luck to others where there may be inventory.

mkhan - unfortunately I don’t have MF or residuals to share and I’m trying to understand more about the Uber offers myself… hopefully someone can help!

That’s too bad. I checked a few of the ones in NJ by googling the VIN number and they all still had active listings on the individual dealer websites.

Still no good deals on minivan the best I could find is a 7 seater mitsubishi outlander SEL package 1500 down and in the 220’s a month here really need a minivan but I may have to get a 17’’ outlander at least it can seat 7 just not easy getting in and out with kids