Need help with Stelvio Numbers...doesn't add up in calculator

Trying to work a deal on 2018 Stelvio TI. I know the Septembers numbers are down, but their discount is getting aggressive. The problem is I’m getting way different numbers using the calculator. Any help figuring out what’s off would be great.

2018 Stelvio TI
MSRP: $52,085
Term: 24/12
Selling Price: Quoted at $39,932
Lease Incentive: $3,250
RV: 55%
Buy Rate: 0.21 (which I think equates to MF of .000089)
NJ Tax: 6.625

When I plug these numbers into the calculator I’m getting $390/month with $1,322 DAS. You can see from the sheet below, their number is $501.99/month with $1,622 or $2,300 (not sure how to read this) DAS. What am I doing wrong?

Not sure where you are getting your listed sales price and RV, but they don’t match the lease worksheet.

They came from this sheet. Salesperson sent the other sheet when I asked for the breakdown on 24/12.

$3250 already in the discount (Quoted $39,932), Your trying to discount that twice.

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That explains it, thanks for the help!

Almost $600/mo sign and drive. Yikes.