Need help with Lexus GX460 Premium lease

$4500 down, $514/month, 36 months, 10k miles on a car with a $58,730 msrp.

Need serious help! Want to be around $500/month with 0 out of pocket.

Look for a 2017 model. It’s the same car and they should discount heavily. No reason you couldn’t get 12% off MSRP before 2500 in lease cash…these aren’t flying off the lots.

4500/36 = $125.

$125 + $514 = $639 if you were to pay nothing up front and roll it all into the monthly cost of the lease.

$639 on a $58,730MSRP seems really high. Unless they’re willing to come down, I’d get up and walk away.

What’s a reasonable price? I want to get to $0 out of pocket, $500 incl. taxes. Is that good ?

Do you have any idea how the IS300 sells? I’ve got a dealer trying to give me like $2k above invoice on a 2017 is300 and I feel like they’re dreaming. The have like 20 of them still on the lot. I should be looking at like invoice pricing right?

Do a TrueCar at least to get some kind of idea.