Need help with Cx5 lease

2018 sport model

Socal. Los Angeles area. I feel like I’m missing some sort of incentive to get the msrp down in the 23k range.
This chart includes a $1000 trade in.(due on delivery $1000) is the car. Anything above that is out of pocket
Is it any good?

First post. Sorry if I did it wrong…

MSRP is MSRP and cannot be changed. You need a bigger discount. You are at only 4.4% right now. Try for closer to 10%.

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I really suck at this leasing thing. I saw the national offer for $209/mo with $2000 due at lease signing, not including fees. And I thought that was a pretty good deal. Although I would get the CX-3 for $189/mo.

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The residual value and money factor are base and the incentive is correct, the only thing you can (and should) ask for is like John is saying: a lower initial sales price, you can easily get 23k sales price.

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Sorry I meant vehicle selling price. I don’t see how to get that up to 10% considering the mf is so low… Any suggestions!? First timer here…

Why does it matter if the MF is low or high? Discount is offered by the dealer and the MF is offered by the bank.


Ok. I’ll ask for around 23k. Seems like everything else is fine. Thanks for your help everybody. Will update if deal went thru

That’s my favorite MF, doesn’t get any lower.

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If it goes through, i’d appreciate your dealer contact. I may be looking at a CX5 as well in So Cal.



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Instead of relying on @Derek_G’s deal, why not contact dealers yourself too? Then if you are able to get a deal, pass that info onto him.

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@Derek_G @LAMike240 Do either of you bank with Chase? If so, check your email as I just got an email offer yesterday for $500 off any new 2018 or 2019 Mazda. Doesn’t seem like it’s transferrable though.

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@Jon will check now. Thank you

“Can MSD’s make it lower?” I get that question at least once a week on cars with 0.00001


I unfortunately did not get that offer.

Speaking w dealer. Lowered to 23800. Putting my counter in now

10% off is $22612. If you’re happy with $23k, counter with 10% off, then try to meet at $23k.

Which dealership are you with? Culver city Mazda is a volume dealer that gives a nice discount.

Culver is a bit of a drive

Can’t hurt to call and get a quote

You’d have to drive there once to get the car. If it saves you money it’s worth it