Need Help with Cadillac CTS or XTS, Please

I am in the market for Caddy CTS or XTS lease. NY/ LI area. I have got a quote from a dealer.

cts awd 2.0 sedan $52290. 39. 10k. miles.$495 month with 3526.00 drive off.

xts luxury fwd. 6 cycle. driver awareness pckge. protection pckge. $55010. 39m 10k miles.
$736.50 month with 4331.21 drive off.

Thats all the info i got from dealer, i know there is alot more than those numbers but i dont have that info…

With just the info i have what you guys think about this deal? Also i would be interested if anyone can help me with this…
Thank you.

Don’t get an XTS…Thats the car for Livery/Limousine drivers…

The CTS is a nice car with bang for your buck… That deal on the table is horrible. Is it on the dealers lot?

The XTS is absolutely a rip off and if anyone pays that I thank them for the future deal I get because of their stupidity.

Ask them for the Residual and Money Factor, any rebates and what the final selling price is not just the sticker MSRP.

It sounds like you are getting 0 discount on the CTS and on the XTS they are asking you to pay above sticker price… unless the residual is 40% and you are getting 0 discount

To Sum it up. No to both. The XTS is a crime. the CTS looks like they are trying to get you into it for full price

This is not true. If you must have a Cadillac looks like a pretty okay deal. Cadillac’s don’t lease well. If you aren’t tied to Cadillac, I’d look at Mercedes E class or Volvo S90 (if you have APLAN)

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@nyclife is right. There’s only $2,880 in rebates right now on the CTS (another $1k for loyalty) and the dealer would have to go pretty far under invoice with that drive off. I second that Benz and Volvo suggestion. Better numbers.

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Both brokers are telling the truth. Cadillacs don’t lease well. There is a reason why midsize luxury sedan posts tend to be E-Class and S90. The last time there was a good Cadillac deal on here? crickets He asked for advice and people gave it to him. And the residual values on those Cadillacs? 44% on the XTS and 53 or 55% on the CTS. So yeah you probably shouldn’t just make up some stuff and then slam the fact that there are proven deals on BMW/MB while there is just about nothing for Cadillac


Omair, are you looking at North Bay Cadillac? If so, avoid them.

You joined back in February and are arguing with a broker that does this for a living. Makes sense.

It’s well known here Cadillacs are terrible leases. Once in a while there’s an exception, but it’s far from the norm.


Enough back and forth and personal attacks guys.

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Chill out…

Ok i think that is the advice. You cannot get a good deal with cadillacs usually. Same with Audi or Porche. Now 1 or two months something comes along where you get below 1 percent for those brands but never .5 of msrp type of deals. So of you want best bang for the buck look at something else.

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