Need help with 2018 BMW 340i lease offer

So I was going to buy a 2018 BMW 340i and because of the 2019 ones about to come out there seems to be some good discounts going on and I was wondering if this is a good offer as I’m pretty new to leasing. This is all based on 10k miles. Can I negotiate the MSRP or are they jacking up the MF? I feel like I could hit low 500s without putting any down…
Vehicle Price: $56,760.00
AutoNation Savings: - $5,300.00
Customer Rebate: - $2,000.00
AutoNation Price: $49,460.00

Sales Tax (estimate):	+	$4,641.21	 
Smog Abatement Fee:	+	$20.00	 
Flat Add/County Fee:	+	$21.00	 
Tag/Registration Fees (estimate):	+	$569.00	 
Electronic Filing:	+	$29.00	 
Tire/Battery/MVWEA:	+	$7.00	 
Weight Fee:	+	$24.00	 
Documentation Fee:	+	$80.00	 
Balance Due (estimate):		$54,851.21	 	 

Cash Due: $3,000 $4,000 $5,000
24 months $711 $666 $635
Rebates: $2,000
30 months $665 $629 $604
Rebates: $2,000
36 months $$619 $592 $573
Rebates: $2,000

Completely awful - -are you sure those aren’t loan pricing to buy the car?

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that’s crazy high, shop that deal. where are you located, loaners are really the way to go right now

What can I do to lower this? He said the residual was 67 64 61 and money factor was 0.00196. Should I try to bring down the MSRP? This is NorCal Silicon Valley

The MF is marked up, shop the deal, get quotes from other dealers and ask about loaners.

Also, get your quotes with nothing down, just first payment, no reason to put anything down on a lease.


Gotcha will do thanks. Also there’s only 2 dealerships in the area should I try to make them price match the other? Thanks.

No, tell them you’re shopping and want their best deal. If other dealers are within 200 miles, expand your search. The current 3 series is not selling well and you should be able to shop this deal hard, again ask about any loaners, under 5k miles for the best deal.

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I am a Bay Area guy and all of the local dealers are terrible to work with for a good deal - too many people that will just pay without working at it. I did my last two lease deals with a SoCal dealer who is a sponsor at and the both deals weren’t even close to anything a Bay Area dealership would touch.

Slow down in your process and do a lot of reading here and Edmunds (google “BMW 3 series prices paid” to get to the Edmunds forum) and then do everything by email. I would strongly suggest focusing your search on SoCal…easy to either fly down and drive the car up, or get it delivered to you.

Also, there is a BMW sales guy on this site who you should check with (do a search for his contact info). There is no reason to pay more than you should (selling price and anything above the base .00166 MF) on a BMW sedan.

PM me if you want the name of my guy in SoCal.

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Your first mistake was going to Autonation.


But theres a specific one I want to get. Won’t it be hard to find that specific specifications on a loaner?

The more specific you are the more you pay, flexibility= equals better deal

Even being specific, there must be a way to get a lower deal than this…

Yes there are many ways to get a better deal than this. Got your PM and will respond.

The “deal” is all about competition, when I use to be in the business, if someone from far away wanted a quote, I would be super aggressive because it was basically a free deal, I was stealing a sale from someone else’s territory. If the dealers in your area aren’t aggressive, then widen your search. When shopping a far away dealer, let them know where you are.

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I’m using a co-signer so I’m a bit less flexible about moving back and forth hope I can do a delivery and find a way to workout the paperwork without moving much

You can still use the far away dealers to shop the price, don’t talk about the consigning part yet. Keep pinning the dealers against each other, once you get one deal that’s lower, use that to get others to beat it. Keep going back and forth until they won’t go any lower. You don’t need to disclose the whole cosigner issue either or that you need a cosigner, once you get the numbers hammered out, say that there will be two people on the car. The less info you can disclose to get the info that you need, the better off you’ll be.


Also in the Bay Area and about to start the shopping process for a sub 5K loaner, particularly interested in a 2018 340i. We have a couple of dealers here, including Mountain View/Stevens Creek/ SF/ Fremont.

Do you recommend looking further south closer to LA area? I’ll start calling/emailing the local dealers I mentioned above but am not sure how they will respond to 15-20% off MSRP pre incentives with no mark ups, 0 down

Last I looked, Mountain View had a couple 340s advertised at 15% plus off.

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Thanks for the heads-up! I’ll reach out