Need Help w/Numbers from Kia Dealer - 2020 Kia Niro Plug-in Hybrid

Here is the ad on the Kia dealer’s website:

Here is the email I received from the dealer:

24months/24000 miles
Final sale price when leasing for 24 months: $29587
MF: .00132
RV: $22245.95

When I plug these numbers into the calculator, I don’t seem to get what the dealer’s website calculator creates with these numbers.

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Dealer numbers exclude tax, title, and doc fees as a start

What’s the preincentive discount?

They mentioned $775

Ask @ethanrs

Sure, but he is in CA. Much different ballgame there than MN.

When you plug in the numbers correctly, it is spot on. You had bank fee at 595 but the ad states 650. And you had the price as 29587 but the add clearly states 30362.

Regardless, I hope you aren’t seriously considering paying this much.

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Oh geez. Thanks for spotting that!

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That quote is MSRP, the $7,343 is purely lease cash. Instead of using digital retailing tools you’d be better off calling the store and working a deal. Shoot for 3-4k dealer discount on top at base MF and you’re rolling :+1:


I ask them for a $3K discount on top. They weren’t very receptive:

Typically the plug ins are priced at MSRP with the limited availability. We would not be able to discount the vehicle another $3,000 as that would be way under our cost on it. This is the best price on this one.

Its a 2020. Tell them thank you and to contact you if they reconsider, and move on to the next dealer. If I took the first counter that the dealer offered on my current lease, I’d be paying >100 more per month.

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Cool. Move on to a dealer that is.

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