Need Help on Alfa Romeo Stelvio Lease Deal

I am trying to finalize a 12k mile a year, 36 or 24 month lease deal on an Alfa Romeo Stelvio Ti Sport AWD with $58690 MSRP.

The first deal proposed was 51784.63 Selling price and financed by Ally Bank with a “.31” MF which I assumed from trying to calculate the numbers means .00031. This is the info:

Then I asked for a reduction of sale price to $49000 and to explore financing through FCA, which I mentioned have a lower MFs. They came back with $50162.02 Selling Price and ran the numbers as I requested, but indicate that going through Ally Bank gives me a better monthly payment.I find this hard to understand since the MF is much higher at .00027 with FCA vs .00063 with Ally. I am trying to run these through lease calculator and my own lease spreadsheet and I just can’t get them to make sense.See the two offers below:


I am not necessarily saying they are being shady but what am I missing?

Also, I realize this car has like every extra in the menu, which I asked for, but is this a good deal? From looking around the forums, 14.5% off MSRP is not very far from my expectation in June 2019. Is that accurate?

Thanks for any feedback!

There is no ACQ fee on Ally. Are you working with @Justin_Sutton ?

BTW, .67 does not equate to .00067 you have to divide by 2400

Thanks for the reply.

I messaged Justin - he didn’t have what I am looking for in his inventory. I sent a detailed request of what I am looking for with options.

I think that’s what it is. I guess the Ally MF is better at .0002625. Thank you!

That said, when I run the numbers through the calculator it doesn’t match. Even with Zero Drive-Off the monthly payment is way off: