Need help on a dodge HellCat lease?

Hi I’m New Here

I would like to lease a new 2021 Dodge Charger HellCat Redeye (2021) Only cause the 797HP

I found 3 of them near me & they all got $6,000 off MSRP is $86,275 after Rebate is $80,275 do you think I could get more off? And this would be my first lease what’s a good residual % & Rate,
Do you guys think I could get under $850 monthly with $2,000 down?

Located In 85257 Scottsdale,AZ

Credit is not a problem, I got 6 loans paid off
4 with Nissan NMAC & 2 with ally
The 2 ally’s was over 60k MSRP’s
Ally Paid off in 2018,2019
Nissan’s was 2013,2015,2017,2018

Having current, accurate information for residual value, money factor, and incentives is important in understanding your deal. As such, going directly to a source that has access to that data from the captive banks is your best option. The forums at Edmunds are where we go to get that information, as they have direct access to it from the captive banks. You’ll want to post of the model specific thread for the vehicle you’re interested in and request the most current numbers for your zip code. It is often easiest to find that thread by searching Google for “Edmunds lease” followed by the model of vehicle you’re interested in.

What monthly do you get when you plug that discount in the calculator? You can get MF and residual from Edmunds.

You can try those dealers. (I know there are very far to you)

The $6,000 rebate is retail only, not lease. There is currently no lease cash (at least in my region, Denver). That being said, if they were to use $80,275 as selling price (not unrealistic IMO), your payment, with $2,000 Down plus first payment, would be $1,188 per month plus tax with Chrysler Capital for 36 months and 10K Miles Per Year. 36 months is the sweet spot this month.

CCAP has $0 Acquisition Fee on 36-months (only, $595 on all other terms) and has a 53% base residual (15K MPY) and 56% for 10K MPY, with a .00222 money factor on 2021 Charger Hellcat Redeye Widebody for February 2021.

I also ran an Ally lease and they have slightly better programs this month, with payments at $1,075 per month plus tax for 42-month term at 10K MPY and $2K plus first payment DAS. 36/39 month were within a few dollars of CCAP.

I hope this helps.


Don’t bother 56% residual plus 5.5% mf added on to the fact that you get 0 dealer discount on lot units = :poop::poop:.

Best bang for buck right now is a leftover 20 which is definitely attainable for $800.

You won’t need the extra hp and lb ft torque unless you are used to 700 hp cars, which most people have never even driven. Even 400-500 jumping to 707 feels nuts.

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