Need help on 2016 Dodge Challenger SRT 392

Please help me on a 16 Challenger SRT 392
10k/24 Months
10k/36 Months
1st month and DMV fees up front.
Dealer in Long Island NY has 1 left for $54,675

Same car is going for 10k less in CA
List Price
Dealer Discount
Sale Price

Thank You!

What help do you need?

That dealer web inventory shows 11 scat packs and 5 srt 392. So you should be able to get 7-9k off a challenger. You’re welcome!

From Westbury Jeep? Man easier to go pull teeth. Good luck. Still no clue what does he need help with.

Well westbury jeep can’t hold on forever to almost 20 2016 challengers without needing to give good discounts. I think we helped OP by pointing out that Wetsbury has more than one available, so a serious customer should not feel pressure and be ready to negotiate for a good discount. Sure, it will be like pulling teeth but nothing new there :slight_smile:

What are incentives like on the 16s ? Is there any Idl cash ?

When I was looking for challengers there was one dealer with 36 Hellcat challengers an they would not give a proper discount. They all work in their own mysterious ways!

Maybe they will do a trade in with other dealers? Do they make money in this case?

Thanks for the responding. Leasing still confusing to me. How much do you think I can get this car for ? I want to call them and make them an offer.

Thanks for the responding. Leasing still confusing to me. How much do you think I can get this car for ? I want to call them with an offer.

Have you checked the forums for that car? Often lots of useful information about what prices people are achieving. For me you get a feeling after calling about 10 dealers in the area and see where they go with it. Very hard for me to say what that specific dealer will go down to on the price. Look at other dealer discounts and ask them to better those, or at least match them.

This should be your target (from an earlier 392 post)

MSRP: $47,720
Your Price (after rebates and discounts): $39,502
42 Months Lease
10,000 Miles/yr.

Negotiated to the following.

With $875 down which includes drive off fees and 1st payment, Your payment to $395/mo (tax included).

This is for 39 Months, 10000 miles/yr. Money factor is 0.00135 and the residual is 64%.

After a little talking lowest we went was $391 tax included + the adjusted drive off fees and 1st payment. What do you guys think of these terms? Should I jump on it? Do I have any more wiggle room?

Any idea if this was a SRT 392 or Scat Pack 392, and if they leased through Chrysler?

I spoke 2 different dealers just now…waiting for them to get back to me with price and rebates. I will keep you guys posted. Thank you again