Need Help Leasing 2019 X5 Custom Order PCD


Hi All,

I am new to this forum and would like to get some help and feedback on the 2019 X5 lease.

I am planning to do custom order and do Performance Center Delivery(I am located in NJ).

Here is the build details:

X5 xDrive40

M Sport Design
Premium Package
Executive Package
Phytonic Blue Metallic
M Double-spoke bi-color wheels, style 742M w/ performance non run-flat tires
Ivory White Extended Merino leather
Fineline Stripe Brown High-gloss Wood Trim
Driving Assistance Professional Package
Luxury Seating Package
Parking Assistance Package
Front and Rear Heated Seats
Glass Controls
Heated Front Seats Armrests & Steering Wheel
Integral Active Steering
Wilkins Diamond Surround Sound System

TOTAL MSRP as Built $85,145

Got quote from few dealers the best i have received is 8% of MSRP after all incentives.
Rate Factor .00153 after MSDs.

Monthly payment is coming to 1149$ Costlier than a M5.
Is this a wrong time to buy X5?
I have seen 11% discounts on MSRP in this forum, How the broker thing work?
Do they charge some fixed fee? How much would they charge?
Greatly appreciate your help and time.

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Consider working with a dealer out of state since you are doing a PCD. I did similarly for my M3 (live in NC, ordered from Long Beach BMW). The process is easier than going to the local dealership.

Thanks for the quick reply. Yes i reached to out of state dealers. NJ dealers are not aggressive from my experience.
Any recommendation on the dealers?

I haven’t seen any double digit discounts on a 2019 X5 mentioned on this board so 8% is pretty good.

Yes, they are leasing terribly because there are no incentives and limited discounting due to the new body style.

I have seen some one reporting 11% off may be there were better incentives in Jan than Feb.

Can some one help how agent or broker help with price?

You’re never gonna get a big discount on a custom order

Out of curiosity, if you’re at 85k+ for a xdrive40 why not spend the extra money at that point to get an xdrive50? I’m the type of person who just reallt like having a V8 even if there is a V6 option with good power. You’re building an 85k car you might as well have endless power on tap which the 50 would bring.

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I can do 11% on a custom order, my fee is 400


Nice build!!

But with similar options 50 is much pricier

Is it before incentives

I bought my M3 from a dealer in Texas and did PCD. Price was way better than what I could get locally. It was a great experience. Check some of the well-known BMW forums for dealers advertising there and see what they can do on PCD. Good luck!

Yeah before loyalty, there are no incentives

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Can you please send me IM what the monthly payment looks like?

Couldn’t you lower it with security deposit too?