Need Help Leasing 2019 X5 Custom Order PCD



Hi All,

I am new to this forum and would like to get some help and feedback on the 2019 X5 lease.

I am planning to do custom order and do Performance Center Delivery(I am located in NJ).

Here is the build details:

X5 xDrive40

M Sport Design
Premium Package
Executive Package
Phytonic Blue Metallic
M Double-spoke bi-color wheels, style 742M w/ performance non run-flat tires
Ivory White Extended Merino leather
Fineline Stripe Brown High-gloss Wood Trim
Driving Assistance Professional Package
Luxury Seating Package
Parking Assistance Package
Front and Rear Heated Seats
Glass Controls
Heated Front Seats Armrests & Steering Wheel
Integral Active Steering
Wilkins Diamond Surround Sound System

TOTAL MSRP as Built $85,145

Got quote from few dealers the best i have received is 8% of MSRP after all incentives.
Rate Factor .00153 after MSDs.

Monthly payment is coming to 1149$ Costlier than a M5.
Is this a wrong time to buy X5?
I have seen 11% discounts on MSRP in this forum, How the broker thing work?
Do they charge some fixed fee? How much would they charge?
Greatly appreciate your help and time.


Consider working with a dealer out of state since you are doing a PCD. I did similarly for my M3 (live in NC, ordered from Long Beach BMW). The process is easier than going to the local dealership.


Thanks for the quick reply. Yes i reached to out of state dealers. NJ dealers are not aggressive from my experience.
Any recommendation on the dealers?


I haven’t seen any double digit discounts on a 2019 X5 mentioned on this board so 8% is pretty good.

Yes, they are leasing terribly because there are no incentives and limited discounting due to the new body style.


I have seen some one reporting 11% off may be there were better incentives in Jan than Feb.

Can some one help how agent or broker help with price?


You’re never gonna get a big discount on a custom order


Out of curiosity, if you’re at 85k+ for a xdrive40 why not spend the extra money at that point to get an xdrive50? I’m the type of person who just reallt like having a V8 even if there is a V6 option with good power. You’re building an 85k car you might as well have endless power on tap which the 50 would bring.


I can do 11% on a custom order, my fee is 400


Nice build!!


But with similar options 50 is much pricier


Is it before incentives


I bought my M3 from a dealer in Texas and did PCD. Price was way better than what I could get locally. It was a great experience. Check some of the well-known BMW forums for dealers advertising there and see what they can do on PCD. Good luck!


Yeah before loyalty, there are no incentives


Can you please send me IM what the monthly payment looks like?


Couldn’t you lower it with security deposit too?