Need help lease Toyota Highlander / Ford Explorer



Hi all,
My first post here, I hope I am posting it in the right section…
I currently have a Toyota highlander LE leased, with 8 payments left on it, paying $355 a month (37K miles currently on the car).
I would like to end the lease early and lease a new highlander, xle trim at the minimum. Need 24K miles a year. I am located in South Jersey, but I can drive anywhere reasonably far, I travel to MD, DC, NJ, NY, DE etc. on a regular basis.
Also, I don’t mind getting ford explorer instead of the highlander, I like them both. Anyone have good advice? broker? dealer? I appreciate your kind help!


24k/yr, you should just buy a car. You’ll see why when you turn in your current Highlander.


Why do you want out so early? And if you drive so much, I agree with @Jon to just buy one!

@Jrouleau426 is your man. Message him. He’s in philly and gets great Toyota rates. He just helped my buddy purchase a highlander for an awesome deal.


I am moving, and will need a lot more miles a year.
Right now my lease is for 12K a year, by the end of it I will owe Toyota a few $K for overage, that’s why I want out now.
Yes, buying is an option you guys are right. thank you. any advice about that?


If you want out now, call TFS to see what your buyout is, and then check w/ Carvana, Vroom etc to see what they will give you for your Highlander.

Then as Jon and GC2A said, buy yourself something that is 2-3years old w/ low mileage.


Yes. Speak to Jim @Jrouleau426. You’re right nearby to him since he’s in Philadelphia. He’ll get you a great deal on a highlander purchase as he did for me a couple weeks ago.


Just buy out the current highlander and enjoy …


The current one is LE, if i;'m buying it - I want it to be XLE, I spend a lot of time driving…


Message Jim @Jrouleau426 His Toyota deals are insane. I just picked up 2019 5.7 4wd Tundra Crewmax Simply bc the deal was insane. No one will believe the deal…


I don’t believe Toyota has true pull ahead, so you would be paying for those payments one way or another plus a 24K/year would be extremely expensive.

If the cars value isn’t signficantly underwater currently, you are better off trying to work out a deal with a dealer where he swaps yours for a used XLE. The difference from your buyout would likely be a few grand at least but probably your best option since 8 payments will cost you $3K plus the overage. May take some work as most dealers will try to sell at a retail price and give you wholesale for yours. Look at cargurus and see what specific used Highlanders have been sitting the longest near you.


What deal did you get?