Need Help - Can't make the math work on XC60 Offer

First post to the forum, been reading for the last few months - I’ve got the following deal on the table from a dealer in WA. Based on the same number in the deal, the dealer is offering $435/mth - when I do the math myself I can replicate the dealer’s numbers so I can’t understand why the calculator is spitting out such a low monthly, I must be doing something wrong.

One note, down payment included is trade-in equity for what its worth. I originally left it out of the deal but don’t need two cars so built it in.

Any help or advice is sincerely appreciated… also, would love to know if its a good deal or not.


Leasehackr Calculator

Are you sure that you used the correct residual? Edmund seems to have them around 58% for 36/12.

Yep I think so believe it or not.

Adjust Cap Cost: $41,237
Residual: $27,987.90

That’s absolutely not the correct residual. You need to get the actual deal sheet and post the relevant numbers here. No one here is going to be able to guess how to get to $435/month based on the information provided.

Residual is 27987/48255 = 0.58 for this car.

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Shoot you guys were right, my math was wrong - that was it. It looked weird but its my first lease exercise and my formula was wrong.

Here is the revise score - how can I do better? Calculator

Here to learn, open to any and all suggestions.

Have you gotten multiple offers? Call every dealer in a reasonable distance from you and get numbers. Take the best couple and try to work them against one another.

I would do it without mentioning that I want to lease, just try to get the biggest discount off of MSRP. I don’t know if everybody would agree with that, but seems like the right place to start. Then, assuming you have excellent credit, tell them that you want the buy rate and use MSD’s to optimize the deal.

Can you PM me the dealer info? I’m also located in WA