Need help - 2018 Rogue SL Lease (w/ Platinum Reserve Package)

Hey All

This is my first post. Got to know lot of stuff on this forum! Thanks everyone for sharing their ideas and suggestions!

I got this quote on 2018 Rogue SL w/ Platinum Reserve Package from a socal dealer. These numbers are with VPP discount $2775. Not sure if I can pull it off with what they are offering me.
Please do suggest - Good/Bad deal? is there any room for negotiation? Your assistance/tips are really appreciated.


Not sure you can pull what off? The 300/mo payment?

This is a good deal on a top trim Rogue.

That phrase is what I meant is to take the lease, not literally “off” :wink:
Thanks for your thumbs up!

How is the VPP discount usually calculated? based on MSRP? varies with Employer?