Need Help - 2018 BMW X2 Demo First Offer 425/mo

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Received offer from local BMW dealer on 2018 X2 demo ( Navigation System, Bluetooth, Backup Camera, Aluminum Wheels, Heat Package, Convenience Package) with 4383 miles.

Dealer quoted as paying off current lease 4 payments remaining of 1712 to Infiniti.

36months/12k miles per year
MSRP 42945
Sale Price 37641 (12% off MSRP) 1712 in sale price =35929 would be 16% off msrp.
First month = 425 due at signing incl tax
All upfronts (tax,title,doc,reg, etc) rolled in
MF .00177
Resid 58% - 972.25 extra miles
Incentives 5500 (750 conquest 4750 bmw)
Tax 1275
Doc 497.50
Reg 174
Do I have more room to ask in discounted sales price?
12% is garbage but they are paying off my lease right?

I also am $25/month off in calculator, what am i missing?

Thank you!!!

Does anyone see this post? No responses?


Not good even if you add the 47/month being absorbed based on this… and not sure why you would pay sales tax and 4.5% interest for 3 years on the $1,700 vs. just keeping it for a few more months or paying the remaining months off directly…

I wish i could hold on to the Q50 but my wife needs a vehicle by end of month as she will be going back to work and hates her current Murano. So ill take her murano and sacrifice 4 months of my Q50. Happy wife, right? We dont have 1700 to put down or I would just pay it off upfront. Can I ask for another 1k off sales price?

Seems within 2-3% of best possible deal, I can’t imagine getting to 20% off of MSRP since the mileage is relatively low. That said, the X2 seems to be little loved, so maybe that is possible after all.

15% is a reasonable ask as they are likely moving them with the high lease cash. I assume you’re not in a position to do MSDs? If they don’t budge, I would wait a week or so and see how the end of the month goes. There are enough of them around.

FYI - Your calculator is off bc you have the wrong MF.

Thank you, Yes I wish I could do msds, I think 15 to 17% off is a fair ask for an 18 BMW X2 demo. I will update calc and enter correct residual.

I asked for another 1k off. I think it is reasonable.

Update: New offer from dealer which I have accepted, picking up vehicle tomorrow.
$371.38/mo. 1st month DAS.
Can someone please enter in calculator as I cant get their numbers to match. They adjusted sale price to 36000 from orig 37641. Thank you Hackers, think this is a decent deal. They will write check to pay off current Q50 Hybrid 4 payments = 1712.

This is pretty close… since you are playing 1st month vs zero drive off, assume you are subtracting $11 from the payment shown. Seems like a solid deal especially after eating the $1,700… enjoy the car!

TY @Britten440 hope everything goes smooth tomorrow at dealer, excited for decent deal. 1% :slight_smile:
The calculator link is messed up, incorrect #s?

Also since its a demo, should i have it inspected before signing or the fact that it is a BMW Certified PO cover most anything? First time leasing a demo with miles.

Sorry! Here you go… have to add the $1,700 to both the sale price and MSRP.

Warranty will cover any mechanical issues so I wouldn’t worry about that. It will not cover any cosmetic issues so you’ll want to check those out prior to signing and address accordingly.

Thank you @Lubes i always give the lease car a 2 times over for scratches dents dings…guess i can add fart smells now too lol.

Given the negative equity, I think you did great. Have you considered putting down MSD to lower the MF a bit? Understand if you have negative equity you may not want to tie up that much cash, though it would probably save you ~$25 a month or so.

As far as everything else, give the exterior a good once over. That includes also looking under the front bumper to make sure no one scraped it on a parking stop, since BMW would ding you for that and it isn’t immediately obvious.

Looks like you have the blessing of fellow hackrs :slight_smile: now on that fart check lets just not go there!
That 1700 check is also great.

Waiting for you in the Trophy garage.


Yes @28firefighter I wish I had extra $$$ for MSDs as I would have loved to knock down that monthly even more, thank you for front bumper advice, ill make sure to give it a good look. Pretty happy considered, if wife didnt need a vehicle, I would still drive Q50 as I love that car.

Thank you all hackers for advice and info, its bedn invaluable! Will post final deal/picts tomorrow.

@Britten440 If I give them first month tomorrow according to this worksheet are you saing my monthly shold be $360/month, it does look like they have 36payments of $371 on there, please advise before i head to dealer if youre around.

No, my calculator assumes zero drive off, so if you pay first months, it would drop what is shown in the calculator by about $11 dollars/month ($372/36 months) giving you about the same payment as they are outlining $384-$11=$373.