Need Florida Auto Insurance broker

Can anyone recommend a good auto insurance broker in Florida? Specifically, the WPB area, if that matters.

Need someone who can quote and obtain insurance for a car which I am gifting to my son. Current Title / Reg is out of NJ, and FL requires insurance in place prior to title transfer / new registration being done.

I’ve reached out to Josh, and unfortunately, his company can not help secure insurance on a vehicle that is not titles and registered already in the state of FL.

If you don’t have a broker referral, but know an insurance company that can provide good coverage and pricing, please provide their info as an alternative.

Thanks in advance for your help, Herb

Why don’t you just do online through Geico or Progressive ? Regardless of current registered state, you and your son can run quotes for FL with his current address and DL and then once quote is finalized, you should be able to purchase and initiate coverage immediately.

The only issue I’m hearing is current title in NJ is in my name, new title in FL will be son’s name, but insurance will need to be in advance in son’s name also.

Insurance shall not ask you for title today. Similar to when you lease a new car out of state: All you need is the VIN, add vehicle to your insurance and then mail it to the dealer to show proof of coverage. The title and tag work takes a month anyways.
Am I understanding the situation correctly ?


Geico had no issue giving me Florida insurance on my ca registered vehicle in advance of registering it in fl

Yes, exactly.

We checked Geico, Progressive and a few others and are going with Progressive. They gave a great rate and he was able to buy the policy online and print ins cards to hand off to a broker who will handle the title transfer and FL registering/plates.

Thanks for everyone’s help.

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