Need feedback: Acura TLX

New here and to the world of car leases. I’ve garnered some great information from this site that I will take into my further negotiations. Great community.

That said, hoping I can get some feedback on the initial offer from the dealer. I’m located in Kansas.

Vehicle: Acura TLX (V6, SH-AWD, Standard)

MSRP: $40,035
Selling Price: $35,885

Months: 36
Annual Mileage: 7,500

Admin Fee: $199.00
Bank Acquisition Fee: $595.00
License Fee: $45.00
MF: 0.00098
Residual: 56%

Total Due at Signing: $0
Monthly Payment: $526

Zip Code: 66209
Sales Tax Rate: 9.1%

Thanks for any help!

Nearly ~ $600 for a 40 grand car. 1% rule is broken by half a percent. Far from a good deal.

First, there is some dealer added on crap, im assuming. The msrp for that car is 39,150. Find one without the stuff on it. Get a much bigger discount. Should be about 125 less a month with 1500 less upfront.

Thanks for calling to my attention. I copied another post to adhere to an established formatting and missed a line edit. The $526 payment is for $0 down. The amount with $2499 down was quoted at $452.

I was quoted 511 a month on a 43,750 TLX a spec. Manager stated he took 3,500 off MSRP and 3,500 lease cash. I negotiated through email so he didn’t give me all the numbers. This was three days ago.

Thanks for the replies, everyone. Helped me to see the light that this is really not a good deal at all when viewing contextually. The other Acura dealer across town offered me a larger base incentive of $4500 off MSRP. I plan on taking that back to the original dealer to see if they will match or discount a bit further with the carrot of being closer to putting pen to paper. I’m shooting for $33,500 but would settle for $34,500.

I’ve been working pretty hard on leasing a TLX with tech package. Best I can get is 12,000 miles/3yrs, with $1,000 total drive off and $360 a month after tax (7.75%). Leasehackr has an article about getting this car for $315, but I haven’t been able to replicate the deal.

Just wait till the end of the month if you could.