Need Advice RX350 lease remaining '17 or wait for '18?

I have been researching and reading this forum since I leased a '17 RX350 at the end of July. I have noticed that your comments are particularly well informed and astute (your knowledge of the leasing process is distinguishable from most of the posters) and you have a composed presence when there is a conflict.

Would like your advice in determining when to lease my wife an RX350 (F Sport or Luxury). She is currently in a good lease on a '15 Toyota Sienna XLE 36/15 $335/mo. that ends in June 2018.

I am aiming for a lease payment around $475/mo. for 36/15 + $13 excess wear and tear. Definitely need it for my wife because she tends to scrape the sides of cars!

I used a recent lease from a LeaseHckr. member who scored a 2017 RX350 F Sport MSRP 61,374 for 463.98 with max MSDs and $1k down to get some responses from S. Ca Lexus dealers (I live in San Diego)–the best was at Keyes Lexus where he got the deal but residual dropped 4% due to adjustment and he was in a 12k and this is a 15k. So, payment is $563. If she went with a $55k F Sport, then payment drops to $509. There is incentive of $2500 lease cash currently.

If I wait for December to Remember, inventory will be lower, and residuals will drop further, which makes it even more difficult to get desired lease payment. Wonder if Lexus will have a program at that time to incentivize dealers to discount even more than currently and/or inflate residual to clear remaining inventory of 17 RX?

In the alternative, I can wait until March or June/July promo periods and then negotiate for '18 RX350 and gamble that there will be good deals (10-15% off MSRP) with obviously stronger residuals.

You have been in this game for a while and look forward to guidance from you.

Yes, I want my wife to be in a great car. Also, I will not be happy unless I have a “great” deal.

By the way, the payoff on her current Sienna = trade-in and I could actually make at least $1,500 if I try to sell it private party. She has some scrapes on the sides of her minivan so I would obviously have to fix them before selling. If I wait until March/April, Toyota will have a pull-ahead so I can just turn it in if I get another Toyota or Lexus (I think). If I wait until June, she will be over 45K miles (she drives a lot) so I will have to pay the excess miles. She is currently at 32,500 miles.

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Good afternoon, lease special should be better in November

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