Need advice on xc60 T6 r design


New 2019 Volvo XC60 T6 R design.

Msrp 57640

Selling 48000

Residual 60% on 7,500 miles


MF 0.00093

With 1000 Costco incentive,don’t have loyalty and conquer incentives.

NY Tax+acquisition fee995+ dmv+first month =$4153-$1000(Costco incentive)=$3150 upfront

Monthly payment =$449

Didn’t do MSD,

How is this deal?need advice !


So you already signed it? Seems pretty decent. A shame you’re in NY and can’t do MSD

Going to sign,i can do MSD, but seems like just 20-30off per month, and I don’t want to put 4K

I highly recommend rolling the tax into the payments. You won’t get it back if anything happens to the car, even in a week, and then you’re out all that up-front. Also, if you decide to do a pull-ahead, you literally come out ahead because you’ve paid less tax. It’s about $38 a month. I’m getting out 4 months early, so I’m saving about $150 - about $5/mo. when amortized over the lease duration.


Hey,thanks for your advice. But I heard that it’s better pay tax upfront in NY, if you roll in to payment, it would be extra charge on Tax? Am I right or wrong?

Yes and no, and there are a million threads on this (I’ve written some very detailed information in the forum). Would you rather pay what is literally a few dollars a month or risk losing it all? A tree can fall on the car in the first week, and NY WILL NOT refund the money.

The formula provided by NY actually charges tax on the rent charge, not tax on tax.

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Thx for your advice, i am going to do my math again.

Seems like a solid deal. I looked at the XC 60 at more than one dealer and all were looking to give away the vehicles, UNTIL I moved to an R design, then they all told me the lease incentives change. Better pricing than I was being offered

I wished I could save $20-30 more monthly without any MSD.

Need more advices!!!

If you want the payment to go down, you’re going to have to do MSDs. I still strongly recommend playing it safe and rolling in the taxes.

How is drive offs that high? Fees & first month are under $2K + tax.

Here is the breakdown,

Your effective payment is $525/mo with only first month due.

What do you mean? You mean the $1000 rebate didn’t apply on as cap reduction?they over charged me?

I mean if you cap (roll in) tax and fees and only pay $449 at signing

Is it considered as a solid deal on this truck?

Which dealer/broker?

Does this scenario apply to MSDs as well or do you still get those refunded if the car is totalled?

Edit:. Found the answer, gap insurance covers difference left so MSDs still get refunded. But if you put money down, that is gone since gap insurance is just covering what is still due. Sorry for off topic.

This is why it’s always suggested that you roll in as many costs as possible and don’t pay anything up front.