Need advice on my lease end...find a new deal or buy out lease

I’m new to this…if more info is needed I’ll try to find it.

2017 Lexus ES 350 Ultra

**MSRP: $44935.75
**Selling Price: $42348.17
**Monthly Payment: $541
**Cash Due at Signing: $3449 includes 1st month, fees and taxes

**Annual Mileage:**12000

Leasehackr Score:

MF I don’t know. My lease ends in November…I only have 20000 miles on it. The payoff is 26540.80. Should I buy this or try and get a better lease on a new 2019/20 ES 350? Thank you

Not enough information. What is the vehicle currently worth? Unless you love the car and want to keep it looooong term, I’d either turn it on or sell it if you have positive equity.

And that’s a pretty terrible deal. Not quite loaded A-class bad, but you won’t have any issues finding a better deal on a better car. Browse the forum a bit!

You got a terrible deal, but there’s nothing that can be done now. I’d suggest turning it in early and getting the new ES350. LFS currently has 3 month pull-ahead.

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I’m new…so all the help is appreciated. What would be a good deal going for the 2019/20 ES 350 that I should negotiate for? Thank you.

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Search the forums. There are several threads and broker offers on the ES350.