Need Advice: My lease is coming to an end in December......Suggestions?

Hello Hackrs
I hope everyone is doing well. For the last few weeks, i have been on this forum looking at different deals going around.

At the moment I have a 2016 Camry SE that I pay $214 a month ( I paid 0 down, no first month payment, and taxes rolled in payments). The lease will end Dec 2018. I am looking for a similar deal for an Accord or even a BWM/Mercedes. My max limit is $400. I am in the Maryland area…Look forward to hearing some offers/advice…Thanks

Hire a broker if you don’t want to do the legwork. If you want to do some leg work start reading.


It isn’t even October yet. Wait until December

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with my current deal, it took me 3 days to negotiate as i followed the 1% rule…

there is a new guideline called the .5%. Also its not a rule its a measuring stick. As a heads up Accords may lease real well in December.

note taken

My lease is up in December too. I determined my budget, and for the past several months I have been test driving different cars to see which one I liked best. Once I narrowed it down, I used sites like TrueCar and KBB to get an idea of discounts, then I used Leasehackr and Edmunds forums for my specific cars, and determined target lease prices. I decided on the Audi A5, and determined which options I wanted. I emailed several dealers to start a dialogue and get quotes. I narrowed down to a few dealers and made them compete for my business until I got my targeted discount. I then put down a deposit and ordered my A5 for delivery in late November/early December, to coincide with the end of my current lease. So that way I am getting the exact car I want, exactly when I want it. I won’t know the exact lease payment until I take delivery due to changing incentives, but either way I will be within my budget.

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I am in the same situation as usman. My 2016 Camry SE lease will be over by 12/31/18. I got a great lease by learning from this forum. My current lease is 3-year/12K miles a year (Sacramento area). Zero drive out with $144.40/month for 35 months. Thank you so much!!

I just start looking for a 2019 E300 base model lease with 3-year/12K miles a year. I am not too sure if it is too early for me to get a good deal?

I don’t mind to have 2 lease cars overlap since my current lease payment is so low. Any advise?

Check out I just made 2K selling my 2016 e-golf lease to them, could not have gone any smoother.

Get a 2019 Lexus ES350 please. I wanna see what kinda deal can be had and pix in the Trophy Garage.