Need advice/Help. negative equity

Hello all,
I’ve been lurking for a couple weeks and need some input.

We (wife and I) bought a 2015.5 Volvo S60 R-design T6. Now have 6-7k negative equity.

Current payment is $550 for another 48 months with 6% interest rate.
We drive about 12-15k mi/yr. My wife currently wants an SUV and really loves the new xc40/60. We are open to pretty much anything. What do you all suggest we do (other than the obvious keep the car)

Keep paying off until you have smaller negative equity. Try to refinance, also.

7k in negative equity would add roughly 200 bucks/mo in payment before you even talk about the new car. That doesn’t just vanish.

Seven year loan at 6%? Might be worthwhile to refinance to save some at the back end, but my suggestion is to wait until you’re less upside down on the car to try to move into something new.

NTM leases on the XC40/60 are far from attractive