Need Advice- 2019 Audi A3 Premium Lease

Hi all- looking to lease for the first time and wanted to get thoughts on an offer I received from a dealer located in DE.

Car: Audi A3 Premium 2.0T w/ Convenience Package
Market Value Selling Price: $38,520
Discount: $3,852
Rebate: $1,500
Adjusted Price: $33,168
Admin: $144
Tax: $1,534
Fee: $1,070
Balance: $35,916

The lease would be for 10k miles per year and would cost $330/mo for 36 months with $3k down.

They are also saying I’d have to put down an additional $3k towards taxes, fees so all in I’d have to put $6k down at signing which concerns me since I’ve read that it’s best to try and put as little down as possible for a lease.

Any advice is appreciated.

This is such a bad deal it is comical. Walk away.

A4 tends to lease better as it’s Audis high volume sedan. Premium Plus is normally the trim that leases best in terms of bang for your buck. A3 rarely leases well unfortunately.

Merc C300 or BMW 3 Series will also often be cheaper than this. You might need to look in other states though to get truly competitive quotes.

This is painful for any Audi… esp w that 6k DAS. I’ve been able to secure much stronger deals on Audis for a couple ppl recently

Any suggestions on where I should work to get them to? Any baseline info would be helpful.

Either look at an a4 Premium or Premium Plus or get them to remove the down payment and go deeper on the discount. Not sure if they will because you’re exactly at 10% discount which isn’t pretty good. Get the RV and MF used.

Also consider putting the 3k down as MSDs.

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Also, Find out how lease taxes are applied in your state.

Its 4% in DE.

As far as discount, 10% is a solid discount on the car. However, theyre either making some of it back up with a hidden cap cost reduction, or A3 numbers are just terrible… prob some of both.

4% on cap cost - residual?

DE has no sales tax, but there’s 4% on car sales. It’s applies to the MP, not sell price of car.

That $6k effectively makes your payment $500/month. No so good.

Yes I realized

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