Need a commuter car by April 1st - cheap lease options?

Hi - I just found out a couple of days ago that I have to go back to work in person in the office starting in April and need a daily driver / commuter car. I live in the SF Bay Area. What’s the cheapest lease deal with the lowest monthly payment that I can get currently? I don’t care about make/model (except no pick-up trucks). Please feel free to tag any brokers that can help me out here on short notice. Thanks!

Nissan Leaf 18 months or 24 months. If your region gets lease cash I believe it only applies to 24-48 months.

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Thanks! Do you know of any Nissan brokers that serve the Norcal area?

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before jumping on a Leaf, make sure it fits your driving habits. You didn’t mention how far your commute is.

Try Toyota cross …

@Jeff_BeachCitiesAuto might

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