Navigator Lease Deal

Lincoln has a nationwide lease deal for 2020 navigators:$1104 36/10. 0down, 0driveoff. Seems I can get this on a 92k msrp Navigator Black 4x4. I think this backs into a leasehakr score of 7.0; though I’m no expert.
Anyone have thoughts on the quality of this deal? I’m in SoCal.

Also, these ads are generally pretax, right?

Get an actual dealer quote. No point in considering a hypothetical offer from the manufacturer (which are generally crap).


No, I did get a dealer to say ‘I can get you that deal’ on a specific car he sent me the build sheet for.
But, I’ve never leased before, so I’m sure there’s some things I’m not knowing.

What’s the selling price? What incentives are you getting?

What’s the RV, MF and incentives from Edmunds forums?

The best place to start is


Depending on your tax rate and dealer fees that does not really seem like a horrible deal for that car. However, you should know some of the basics at least

Ok more details. I know these don’t lease that well, but what’s the best way to work this:
2020 model year

Msrp 91.3K
TotalCap 90k
NetCap 86.4
Pmt 1102/mo +tax 9.5%
DoD 2.5k, fees + 1stmonth

Res 60%
Rate 3.8%

I did think the first month was supposed to be included, so I need to clarify that.