Nationwide Brokers?

Are there any nationwide brokers on this site?

I keep seeing people ask for help looking for a broker, but those threads keep getting buried in the “wanted ads” post, even when they’re general questions and not “Make, model, price range, etc”

@Benedetto comes to mind. Most brokers are regionalized for assorted reasons, but many will ship higher msrp cars.

Also I simp for electric and IAC, awesome broker, recommend 100%.


Most brokers develop relationships with local dealers is one of the primary reasons for a lack of “nationwide” brokers. Different dealership groups have different business models as to how much discount off MSRP they are willing to go or whether to try and offset the margin with a markup on MF.

Different regions have separate incentives and Toyota has different distributorships with their own rules all impacting how competitive a deal can be. As mentioned it’s free to get a shipping quote and factor that in to see if it is worth it.


There’s a list of all registered brokers on Most don’t use it for some reason


We’re mostly regional (TX and greater Southwest) at IAC but do have some partner dealers out of region.

What did you have in mind?

Personally, I’m looking for Denver / CO area or anywhere within a few hours drive from there

True, but more than half the states don’t have any LH registered brokers or dealers

Check out - no experience with them though. A few of us on LH live in Denver including myself and would be happy to point you in the right direction depending on if one of use has a contact for the brand your looking at.

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Thanks man! Moving out to Denver shortly after 22 years in Los Angeles and can’t wait for the change.

Currently looking for an affordable 3 seater SUV. Mazda CX-9. Subaru Ascent. Volkswagon Atlas. Are the current top hits. Would love a Tiburon or Palisade, but those are leasing terribly at the moment for the most part.