Naked New Jersey meat mogul fired his AR-15 at thieves

Why does he keep car keys in his unlocked cars? :thinking:

The half-million dollar supercar was recovered 10 days later, having sustained $80,000 of damage. It was pilfered after thieves managed to find the keys inside Wexler’s unlocked Mercedes, which was parked behind his gates.

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Here’s another billionaire that did the same thing.

the key takeaway here is don’t mess with texas.

Funny you say that considering New Jersey has some of the strictest gun control laws, at least when I lived there in the early 2010’s.

I think he meant with the state. The guy protected his property and got effed for having a magazine bigger than 10 rounds allowed.

Hmm! My takeaway was ’ no need to set foot in Jersey’.


The whole tri-state area is getting worse and worse with every passing year. I think as soon as the dust settles on the whole work from home situation and if a lot of companies agree that worker location doesn’t make any difference, the exodus of money from the area will be spectacular.


This is an old story but hilarious how he’s protecting his property and they turn it around and file charges on him…That I didn’t know.

Anything for a buck I guess…

you had me at “Meat Mogul”

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I wish that were true. If people want to live in a red state they should. As long as they don’t expect NJ/NYC wages.

Unfortunately, at least from what I’ve seen, the loudest critics of NJ usually don’t have a job where telework is an option.

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NJ is a not a castle law type of state. They have a “run and call the cops” policy when people are threatened.

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It is though. You do not have to flee in your house (i.e., your castle). He wasn’t in his house. Nobody broke in.

Not saying it’s not bullshit that he can’t park his cars in his driveway.

Yeah it doesn’t matter but companies will be glad to make the employee take a pay cut

Google has already introduced a calculator to determine your paycut if you move out a metro area where you were based & decide to leave the area.

Google’s internal salary calculator seen by Reuters show that an employee living in Stamford, Connecticut - an hour from New York City by train - would be paid 15% less if she worked from home, while a colleague from the same office living in New York City would see no cut from working from home. Screenshots showed 5% and 10% differences in the Seattle, Boston and San Francisco areas.

Interviews with Google employees indicate pay cuts as high as 25% for remote work if they left San Francisco for an almost as expensive area of the state such as Lake Tahoe.

Location does factor, however, into PwC employees’ pay, Seals-Coffield said. Employees who opt to work virtually full-time from a lower-cost location would see their pay decrease, she added.

So let me understand this right,

If a person selling illegal narcotics gets robbed & calls the cops to report the robbery, should the cops ignore the illegal sale of narcotics the individual is conducting just because the individual was robbed?

I know this is just a BIG deal cuz a gun is involved instead of illegal narcotics.

I think if you step back & just look at the issue as a simple breaking of the law by both parties, it is simple.

I personally feel that the cops went for a low hanging fruit by going after him .

I know this is controversial but just saying.

That’s a terrible comparison. He was a legal gun owner and in possession of states FID card. Where the states stupidity comes in is he discharged his weapon in prohibited location and what it lead to is cops confiscating all of his firearms and finding out that he had a greater then 10 round magazine which is a felony in the state. You see the way NJ gun laws are written is its technically illigal to posses a firearm, but you may be given permission to purchase firearms to keep at your main residents and use in ranges only. Also NJ has a “duty to retreat” so even if you have a break in you can not shoot the person before giving them a chance to escape.

In other words NJ has zero concern for law abiding citizens wellbeing.

Not really breaking a law is breaking a law.

Are you suggesting that the cops at the scene or subsequently the DA should have ignored the multiple breaking of the law by carrying the banned magazine & firing the weapon etc.?

Again, as i have stated that the issues with the “meat mogul” were a low hanging fruit & could have have been managed differently but that doesn’t mean he wasn’t breaking the law.

I also think that there definitely something else going on based on

The cop comes and he sees a bullet hole in the side of this car and the next thing I know the sheriff is showing up, police and detectives are showing up.

‘They get a subpoena to search my house, they take my guns, they take my gun license, they put me in jail for 48 hours. I’ve never been arrested in my life! Cops that I thought were friendly, that had my cell number and we would text back and forth.’

You’re wrong. NJ has no duty to retreat inside your home. See NJ Rev Stat § 2C:3-4 (2013)

He was outside. I guess that might matter? Also, they say he fired warning shots in the air and then there is a bullet hole in his car.

Yes, exactly. Which is why he couldn’t shoot. He wasn’t in danger, he wasn’t in his house.