My20 Nissan Pathfinder

What do you guys think of this lease on a MY20 Pathfinder SL Rock Creek. I am a returning lease customer, but this is almost $100 more than my current lease ‘17 pathfinder SL, and it has 3k down. Ideally I want to be around $360. I am waiting for residual and MF from the dealer, but want to see what the pros think.
VSS will be negotiated out of the deal, and this is for the state of CT.


I get A Plan VPP (This deal was run without VPP)

MSRP- $44,985 Includes Destination Fee
Est. Savings -$3,000
Est. Rebates- $4,795 (don’t know the qualifications on these)

get a nicely optioned qx60 and get way more car for the money.

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Hasn’t the shipped sailed on Infiniti and Nissan for a “deal”? I’d go look at Pilot EX-L

Whatever you do, don’t put money down, first DAS or $0 DAS

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this deal is terrible on an inferior car, I’d try and find an MDX or Pilot

So, let’s say changing vehicles wasn’t an option. What would be a good deal on this Pathfinder? Is mid $3s possibly with under $2k out of pocket?
I like your suggestions, but due to work/personal reasons, I have a limited amount of Nissan/FCA products to look at and to keep it simple, I want to lease a second Pathfinder.

I have a similar car, 2017 Infiniti QX60, there’s no carplay in it, which is a major let down. I’d recommend you skip out on it for that reason alone.